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  1. D

    Looking for someone to do commissions

    Heya. ^~^ I'm looking for someone that could draw up a new sona of mine, and possibly cub versions of another one, and the new one. Willing to discuss prices. Best way to reach me is on telegram @DaniDisaster. Message me there if ya want more details!
  2. J

    Friend confessed cub porn past. Conflicted.

    If this kind of topic is inappropriate here, I apologize in advance. Some time ago, a friend confessed to me she'd had a period of her life where she'd been unwillingly addicted to cub porn. She'd had these "fits" where she'd had unwanted sexual cub thoughts, looked up and masturbated to cub...
  3. N

    What's the matter with the puppy porn or the puppy porn artist?

    I really declare myself to be a person with a great sexual taste, but for a while, with my short interaction time in the furry community, I noticed a certain contrast behind my companions' opinions about this, what do you think?
  4. A

    Hiring: Cub Spanking Story

    Hello there its been a while but i am back looking for artists to write a story about my characters Axel and Grace earning a spanking. Is anyone interested? Price can range from $30 to $50 to possibly more. Please send me a message if interested. Thank you
  5. SpiritBear1979

    Hiring: Looking for Reference Sheet Artist $35-60

    Hiya! I am looking for an artist to complete a reference sheet for my character. It would be a simple ref sheet with a front and rear shot, color palette and possibly a few expressions. If this is you, give me a growl! Look forward to talking to you soon! Here is some artwork my character:
  6. Kleimander

    Looking for a rp via discord (diapers and bondage)

    Hello let there. I'm looking for a noncon diaper and bondage rp on discord with a cute furry, Digimon or Pokémon with story. If you're in my discord is DerKleiber#5397. I can play Dom and Sub but I'm more in the sun mood but this changes quite often
  7. FurFurSha

    ChibiChibiSha's Adoptables/Ych's [Open]

    Adoptables Goo monsters www.furaffinity.net: Adoptables: Goo designs [OPEN] by FurFurSha (Or here! Octopus Goo Adoptable - YCH.Commishes Crystal Gem Goo Adoptable - YCH.Commishes Lava Goo Adoptable - YCH.Commishes ) Street Fashion Boys www.furaffinity.net: Adoptables: Street Fashion...
  8. X

    Diaper fetish stuff, etc...

    Is it even legal? To be honest, it kinda freaks me out. (If anyone wants to share their thoughts, go ahead and I'll be as non-judgemental as I can. I don't see the appeal, though.) I don't want to bring "cub" porn into this but that's another thing that just... bothers me. Anything that...
  9. Mozyz

    Cub commissions ($500+ budget)

    Looking for an artist to do a few male feline cub pieces for me. Reference sheet (SFW) 4x Telegram stickers (SFW) 2x Pinups (questionably NSFW) Feel free to send me a message with your details (prices, which commish/examples/limits). Would prefer the artist having ample experience in drawing...
  10. Pillowglitch

    PillowCubs YCH

    Currently [0 out of 10 slots are available] Just share your dragon cub's colors or character reference in the comment section and receive your free PillowDrico! pillowglitch.deviantart.com: PillowCubs|Free YCH
  11. Lovely


    Rules of Adopts: 1) You can change their name, gender, personality, clothing, ect. 2) Credit for design is not required, but if you're feeling kind please credit: www.cassirollart.tumblr.com: Cassidy Campbell 3) You may resell for the same price or lower, but never higher than the original...
  12. Fertseshoy

    Four characters and adopt on sale!

    Hello everybody! :> I'm selling my characters and adopt: 1. Cute little puppy! 5$ on PayPal. After buying I will give you the reference in full size without the watermark. (Yes, it's my artwork!) 2. Red female dragon. 20$ on PayPal. She has 11 arts of good quality (reference too). I will...