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  1. Guifrog

    How do you eat cake?

    It seems I got somebody really surprised after telling them it's commonplace to eat slices of cake with our hands in my part of the world. I mean, sometimes there's napkins to complement, as with hamburgers. Say you have the knife, but not the fork. How do you eat it? I also wonder how people...
  2. D

    Native American Culture

    I'm from the US, specifically Arkansas, and I've gotten inspired to make this thread after I found two arrowheads in my backyard. The Native Americans have a rich history, and I feel it would be appropriate to recognize that considering I live where they do. If you find their culture, practices...
  3. Fruitythebeetle

    Does anyone know what youkai are?

    Sorry for the random question here, don’t see many furries with a interest in Japanese culture that isn’t just anime. Hell some folks think Japanese culture is all anime when’s it’s really not. East Asian culture has been something I found a lot of interest in especially now a days. I made my...
  4. J

    Death of Social Media?

    Yesterday, yet another "___IsOverParty" hashtag was trending on Twitter. Clicking on it (which I don't recommend doing) really hammered home how drunk with power these people are. With all of the smiling emojis and talk of hunting the person (and their followers) down wherever they go to report...
  5. I

    Cultural Appreciation

    There are a lot of cool and interesting cultures in the world that have contributed to our lives. You might study this culture or live in it yourself. I decided to make a thread where everyone could gather and share them. Post art, music, poetry, photos, and anything from any culture you...
  6. Boy Oracle

    Answer Some Questions for a School Journalism Project?

    Hey everyone! Newbie to the community here (I don't self-identify as a furry, but I have some friends that do). I'm writing a piece for my journalism class about the furry community and how it is misrepresented/misunderstood. I wanted to know what got some of you guys into the community. For...
  7. Zhalo

    Why don't we choose our names?

    I mean it's kinda dumb, we just get assigned a name by our parents and then it is the norm to use that name for our entire life. I mean you can legally change your name, but it is not that much of a socially acceptable thing to do. As well as it being a hassle to actually do. Names are the first...
  8. GenkeiZwei

    Here we can see Scewra, a newly discovered species, in it's natural habitat

    The Shewra species Distinguishing traits: Long arms with big paws and 4 “fingers” Shorter and bulky digitigrade legs, Long, dense and wild fur Generaly bulky physique Flopy ears that start where the begining of eyebrowsu should be. Round and short muzzle with big, almost round, nose...
  9. ChromaticRabbit

    A digital piracy poll, redux

    I thought your piracy thread was interesting, and quoting_mungo was a bit shortsighted in closing it without discussion because I believe that there exists a role for cultural preservation that does get often-discussed in video gaming and publishing. Beyond that, they wave their hands around...