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  1. Plouc the Dragon

    My Personal Artwork of Plouc the Dragon ✨

    EDIT: New title, because I wanted to post my artowrk of my scalesona. I made my scalesona about a month ago. What do you think of my perma-preggy dragon, Plouc? https://www.furaffinity.net/view/48660693/
  2. cuntyhunty

    Cuntboy for Male

    Hello! Human (!) cuntboy here looking for a male character of any species. I have lots of fetishes and kinks and am open to most stuff except violence/gore/BDSM. I prefer to play with masculine characters as partners: big, buff (or belly), maybe also older. Inbox me for details or if you want...
  3. Drenniethes

    cheap but still done with love ychs >$10

    heyy recently i've posted some ychs but for some reason they remain unnoticed on fa. these start from $10, which i find extremely cheap for this site i hope at least here someone would find this type of content interesting. you can see examples of work on my fa gallery - Artwork Gallery for...
  4. B

    Cuntboy for Male RP on Telegram (M/M, NSFW Oriented)

    I am looking for a long term roleplay partner who is interested in semi-daily/weekly roleplay back and forth on Telegram, since I don't have consistent access here to FurAffinity anymore. I am interested in a variety of kinks, and it can be story driven if you prefer. Here are my primary...