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  1. Pinkporro

    as it is pride month and all... What is your sexuality ?

    As it is pride month i was just wondering what everyone's sexuality is :3 pure curiosity. I will start with mine ^^ i am Rolisexual ~<3
  2. Bluekittie

    anyone want to design a manokit for me?

    I Believe its free open species. Just curious with what you guys can come up with. Colors i like are blues, greens, cyan, white ,and black. main faves are blues though.
  3. Raika

    Im happy to to be here

    Hello guys, Im very excited to join your lovely community! Im Raika, female and 21 yo. I work in an accounting department in germany :) In the past I ve met some furries with their fursuits in the past so I began to take pictures and talked with them. They showed me this kindly community and...
  4. L

    Paradoxes: The Ultimate Oxymoron

    Aside From The Fancy Title.... This thread is meant to discuss any form of paradoxes. I'll begin with one; If one said their life is meaningless, technically they gave it a meaning, as they defined what their life is.
  5. R

    How Long Have You Been Here For F.A?

    Welp, since I'm new here, I got one major question for all y'all here. How long have you been around here in Fur-Affinity? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? Heck, even a decade?
  6. bubblefizzroo

    Worst Cases of Art Theft

    Does anyone know some of, if not the worst, cases of art theft? I'm actually quite interested in learning more about the art scandals that everyone here keeps talking about.
  7. Skychickens

    Where are your furs from?

    I’ve been wondering about the worlds other peoples’ furs are from. For example: my sona is from a high fantasy setting, but it mixes in a few modern aspects. They live with their wife out basically in the middle of nowhere foresty area on the cusp of the living world and the afterlife so they...
  8. J

    Rate Me (im bored) :P

    Im bored. This is my bored thread. Just punch in a vote i guess :P
  9. T

    What am i?

    Hello, i just signed up for this site and i wanted to ask a question, because i don’t know if i’m a furry or something else. So in the summer, i started finding furry characters hot and i started looking more into it. Then i started thinking about it, and i started asking myself, “am i a...
  10. Saki_Fox_Takeda

    Lifestyle, none fur versus fur.

    So, I am pretty new to actually being involved in the fur community aside from just sitting on the side lines. So, I wanted to ask a few things about suiting to help me better understand the community. Taboo's: What are the no no's when suited up. Aside from the common sense one's. What are the...
  11. Guilleum2

    Moving Jaw vs Not?

    I'm curious to know why fursuiters choose whether or not to have a moving jaw in their head. Is the opposable jaw annoying after a while? Does it hurt? Or are non-moving heads just easier to make/wear? I've never made/worn a fursuit before...Enlighten me!
  12. Woofstep

    How long does it take for a trouble ticket to be answered?

    I went to dispute a mature lock now that I am over 18, but it has been 10 days in counting and I haven't received any responses. So I'm just curious now, how long does it take for a trouble ticket to be answered so I know how long I should wait for a response?
  13. Nendakitty

    Spam Bots/Trolls? Anyone know whats going on?

    all of the joy32 spam threads? im confused, is it a spam bot or are we being trolled? im confused... its so irrelevant and clogging up the threads :c