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custom badges

  1. fenchfletcher

    (Commission) Selling: Custom Fursona Commissions starting at $12.00

    Open for custom perler commissions. Prices are as follows: Fursona head badges Small: $12 Medium: $25 Large: $35 Dolls: $50 Boxes: $60 Pawprint: $12 Candy gore paws: $25 Magnets, keychains, lanyards, badge clips, and lock latches/hinges for boxes cost extra. Lanyards will be basic black...
  2. planetaryrings

    (Commission) Selling: Custom Con/Furry/Pony Laminated Badges! |$35 plus shipping| OPEN

    ✨✨✨⭐️✨☀️✨✨✨ Hey folks <333 I’ve been having fun making my own laminated charms, and I’d like to open them up for sale! Selling for a flat rate of $35 USD each, PLUS shipping- shipping from east coast US! Payments made through PayPal invoices. They can be anything! Full body, bust, headshot...
  3. pimpartist

    Custom Coat of Arms Commissions!

    I am offering custom coat of arms commissions, based on your fursona. Price: 60 USD Examples: Absolutely everything about your commission is customizable: shield, supports, decorations, helmet, motto etc. I can also offer assistance with choosing the best colors, symbols, decoration etc to...
  4. sharkiefangirl

    $5-$10 Full Color Headshot Badges

    Includes tape "lamination" and hole punched. Full color, $5-$10 depends on how complex your character is. Badge will be snail mailed, upon request digital file can be sent as well.