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  1. BoggyBiggs

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) $20 Customs OPEN!

    Opening 2 slots for $20 customs! Paypal [USD] Turn around time is 1-2 days! Custom includes a full-body, headshot, color palette, and an additional detail! PM or comment to claim a slot! Examples below!
  2. cowboykidd

    (Commission) Selling: $20+ Design Commissions!

    Howdy, everyone! Welcome to my custom design thread. Below are some examples of designs I've created. You can see even more under the designs section on my Toyhouse profile. I can do any species, but I'm currently not taking commissions for humanoid designs. PRICES $20 - Front...
  3. Librho

    sexy custom adopts €60 (4 slots)

    3/3 slots open more info here 1/2 slots open, more info here
  4. TeeniestTeacup

    (Buying/ISO!) Femboy/Futa Adopts!

    Hello, really want to add a couple of futas or femboys to my characters! Please link/show the adopt and list the price! Only thing, I only buy if the art has a watermark on it (unfortunately I had previous adopts be stolen from me). Otherwise, I will buy a custom but it will mostly be up to the...
  5. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: New Sona!

    I, after years of making characters and not being able to get attached to any of them, have made an OC I feel comfortable calling my Fursona!! References can be provided as needed, description is below! Do note, this will be a custom. Bloom is a short, White Tailed, Sika deer, mixed with a Snow...
  6. SolDirix

    Working on a retro-style fantasy anthro SHMUP

    This is my Anthro, 8-Bit style SHMUP solo indie project that is being made in UE4 (migrated from Python). Screenshots: UPDATE 1: It is now being rolled over into Unreal Engine 4. Python has too many limitations with framerate and texturing issues, and I like the flexibility to build for...
  7. Shadowhawkart

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Custom Character Gatcha! $7+ (OPEN)

    Official FurAffinity Post can be found here, though you can order here as well! Note: All color palettes shown above are ones I found free to use and are allowed to be used for profit. Red Gatcha! Random Roll: $7.00 Yellow Gatcha! Species Choice, Random Color Palette: $10.00 Green Gatcha...
  8. ArcannaRyu

    (Commission) Selling: Polymer Clay Custom Sculpture Comissions $40 - $250 : Open

    I'm open for creating custom sculptures of your characters or other subject material out of polymer clay. (A kind of colored plastic clay which can be fired and turned into a permanent sculpture) The pricing will vary based on the size, number, and complexity of the commission around the range...
  9. sodasprouts

    Hiring: Custom beanbag chair cover ($5-400+)

    Hi! I'm having trouble finding a good plush maker so I thought maybe I'd have some success here considering there are a lot of really talented plush makers in the furry community. If you or someone you know is up for the job please comment here or DM me on Discord at MonsterMayo#0718! I'm...
  10. sodasprouts

    Custom plush/beanbag chair?

    Sorry if this is the wrong category! This is weirdly specific but I figured if anyone would know about it it might be you guys. I’ve been looking for a bean bag for a while and would love to get one of Appa from ATLA. Anyone know of someone who takes commissions for these and could provide a...
  11. fenchfletcher

    (Commission) Selling: Custom Fursona Commissions starting at $12.00

    Open for custom perler commissions. Prices are as follows: Fursona head badges Small: $12 Medium: $25 Large: $35 Dolls: $50 Boxes: $60 Pawprint: $12 Candy gore paws: $25 Magnets, keychains, lanyards, badge clips, and lock latches/hinges for boxes cost extra. Lanyards will be basic black...
  12. fenchfletcher

    (Commission) Selling: Custom Perler Bead Commissions starting at $12+shipping

    I am open for Perler Bead commissions through my FA. If you are interested in a commission please send me a note here: Userpage of murchman-creations -- Fur Affinity [dot] net or reply to this post. I can do any species and have a fast turn-around time of less than one week on average from...
  13. D

    Custom Fursona Masks [WAIT LIST: OPEN]

    Custom Made Fursona Masks SOLD OUT ADDITIONAL SLOTS COMING SOON Leave a comment on our most recent Instagram post (@lunaflora_landing) if you’d like to be put on the ping list for our next opening! ✨✨✨ Social Media Shop Art © LittleRavine. Characters © dakodils. You DO NOT have...
  14. Chomby

    Question about someone editing artwork they commissioned from you

    So someone commissions an artist for a custom adopt or art of their character. There are certain markings they don't like on the custom that they want to change a little. One of the hands is backwards on the art of their character so they want to edit it to be the right way. Very small edits...
  15. Bluefiremark II

    Introducing new species...

    The Myruvanti! Some information on the species: *Lizard-like crystaloid creatures with tough armored shells. *can reshape hands into other things. *crystal can come in different colors based on personalities. Default is green. *they can regenerate themselves by "devouring" hard substances...
  16. zboc

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $5 Customs (SFW/NSFW)

    $5.00 each (NSFW available) or 4 for $15.00! Aside from the below you can also choose between natural and unnatural coloring! Or, feel free to leave anything up to me! Comment below with what you want to claim a roll <3
  17. zboc

    (Commission) Selling: SFW/NSFW Art and Customs ($5-$12)

    Commissions are open! I can draw any species, gender, or body type; can draw NSFW too, with no limits! <3 ART Chibi - $5.00 Chibi Illustration - $7.00 Headshot - $5.00 Halfbody - $6.00 Fullbody - $7.00 Standard Illustration - $12.00 CUSTOMS Simple - $5.00 Standard - $6.00 Complex - $7.00...
  18. pokecyan

    (Commission) Selling: SFW/NSFW Commissions and Customs [$5-20]

    Examples: Userpage of pokecyan -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Rules: Equally comfortable with NSFW or SFW I can draw any species (anthro, feral, humanoid, even monster/object) I'm happy to drawing any fetishes, genitals, etc! Payment expected upfront through paypal Will draw ocs or canon...
  19. Artistotel

    Commissions open! $5-$70

    hi everyone! i figured i'd share my commissions here. c: you can find my art on artistotel on furaffinity, but also, let me share some examples: my commissions info:
  20. Petrichorlizard

    (Commission) Selling: Sewn sleepy plushies ($35-∞)

    Looking for the perfect gift for a furry friend? Well you found it! My lying down plushies are $35 each and include two colors and optional faux fur for no extra cost! I can simplify and make sleepy pokemon, digimon, and sonas! These plushies are hand sewn with love and care and are eager to...