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  1. pameloo

    (Commission) Selling: ❀NEW!❀ Custom designs, Illustrations & Chibis

    Reorganized my commission examples! They can be found here: https://pamelooart.weebly.com/ Let me know if you have any questions! More examples: Pameloo's DeviantArt Gallery https://www.instagram.com/pamelatyeung/ www.facebook.com: Pameloo pamelatyeung.portfoliobox.net: Pamela Yeung
  2. soulfire004


    COMMENT OR SEND ME A NOTE IF INTERESTED! Userpage of soulfire004 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net -Will do any request and any NSFW items. -Payment Sent after approved sketch through paypal. -The more details you give the better! But i will do artist freedom works. -Will do any species and even...
  3. agris

    I am developing a custom Minecraft modpack and server

    Hello, I am working on creating a custom Minecraft modpack based on Continuum and hosting a server. I am looking if anyone else would be interested in joining my server as Minecraft solo gets boring after a while. I don't have a ton of rules or anything as I'd like to keep it small and casual...
  4. kingbird

    Custom fursona hat! - [$30+]

    Have your custom fursona/picture or character turned into an awesome hat! Please message me before placing an order! Details and specifics must be discussed first since the prices vary. When contacting me for a quote please have at least 2- 3 concept artworks to get a more accurate quote, with...
  5. MoonButt

    Custom Fursona Hoodie or Partial?

    Hello! I've been looking to buy a Custom hoodie or partial of my Fursona for awhile. Now that i have the funds to actually order one (i think). I'm looking for an awesome creative creator to do this for me! (More so looking for a reasonable quote as well). Since i don't really know how much one...
  6. little.fox

    Custom Dress Up Sheet for your OC! ♡

    I'm making custom dress up pages for your OC! Your dress up page will feature one or two poses of your fursona, up to three main outfit pieces that you choose, accessories and multiple hairstyles if you so choose. Outfits and poses can be NSFW!! And I can make underwear REMOVABLE! PRICING 1...
  7. Bumcchi

    Custom Derpy Pet Portraits [5.50 USD]

    Heya! I'll be doing commissions like these: 5.50 USD each! [PAYPAL ONLY] More examples on derpypetstickers.tumblr.com: I draw your pets! You'll receive the transparent, full resolution image. It comes with a white border, like a sticker, but if you want it removed just let me know...
  8. Brittney Jane

    Custom Plush Toy Commissions! (Starting from $140AUD)

    COMMISSIONS ARE FULL - Thanks guys! General Information • Prices starting at $140AUD for a 6 to 8" plush. (For a full list of prices and extras, visit my site: BrittneyJane ) • I'm taking commissions for the first time in 2 years, so these prices won't be forever once I get back into the...
  9. Umai Kitsune


    Little scrapped for cash right now... So I'm thinking of posting a digital NSFW YCH I put together, but I'm not used to the YCH or auction formats yet and want a little feedback. Should it be auction or set price/PWYW with levels? How do I advertise it ? How much would it be (price my work in...
  10. doomliger_sterling

    NSFW Short Stories $18+

    Experienced erotic author selling commission pieces. My rates are $18 for ~1500 words (usually a little more), and negotiable for longer pieces. I can do any sort of piece, but I mainly focus on furry and other fetishes. I can incorporate custom characters, themes, names, or whatever else you...
  11. Cavins

    Flat Price Adopts

    Artwork Gallery for Cavins -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Deer - $8 (NSFW) (Base by @UnistaArt) Chibi Kitten - $20 (SFW) Mystery Eggs - $20 ea Shark Girl Customs - $25 Each (Base by @Nazaki-cain)
  12. Vampyre-Skunk

    Cheap YCH and custom adopts from a newbie

    Hello I am new here but would like to try to branch out! I will do YCH and custom adopts for this places min of $5 These are to be done on bases I bought and have the right to make money from and when uploaded the base artist will be tagged. I specialize in TLK recolors on bases from my friend...
  13. wolvykasu

    10$ anthro designs

    I have a bunch of adoptables at 10$ www.furaffinity.net: adopts for sale ! by wolvykasu
  14. Mariah

    Custom Faux Furs?

    I am looking for a certain color of shag fur that just..... Doesn't seem to exist. Does anyone know of any websites that make custom furs? I've already contacted fabricempire, waiting to hear back from them for a quote. I also know that fursuitsupplies does custom furs but their policies on it...
  15. Kuma Hontosha

    Looking for Custom Dragon - $40 Budget

    (I'm new to the forums so I apologize if this isn't okay) Looking for a Custom! I've been currently looking for someone for the past four days now that can make a custom feral dragon character based around a lot of references that I have found that somewhat fit what I am looking for. I have...
  16. Jack Steel

    Will write a custom story for art!

    I want a full body and colored picture of my sona. The story will be at least to full pages and can be about anything you want. It can even be NSFW/MA. I don't want you to feel like you are going to be getting ripped off, so I will link you to my FA page and you can look at the first chapter of...
  17. Strawberry Mink

    $5 Generic Animal Charms and $12 Custom 'Sona Charms Free US Shipping!

    To start things off, both Charm Types are a little over four inches long each. Lamination, keyfob, and PNG file are all included in the cost. Both Charm types are backed with double sided patterned cardstock paper. I have a wide variety of these patterns, and I tend to choose the one that fits...
  18. Sharklore

    Flatsale Adopts: Anthros (and two humans)

    Hello there! I have a few adopts that haven’t sold yet, so I figured I’d post them here and try my luck. I be willing to haggle on some since they haven’t sold in months, so if you want to make me an offer, feel free! You can check out my FA account here, and ready my adoptable policies at...
  19. SwampPossum

    WTT Feline Resin Blank w/ acrlyic eyes

    Hello! I'm wanting to tradey resin blank for a custom foam or balaclava base. Looking for either a possum (preferably) or a rabbit. Info and pics can be seen here on my Instagram- Thank you and cheers~
  20. E

    Help Me Name This Lovely Lady

    New custom came in and now I need to name her. Naming things is not my strong suit, so I thought I'd ask you all. Here she is www.furaffinity.net: Cheetah Demon Dragon by KingBatman7 by curiosin She is a Cheetah Dragon hybrid. I don't have anything set as far as personality goes, but personally...