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  1. N

    Custom anthro adoptables

    get an anthro custom like one in my gallery. http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/.....der/293704/all PRICES : vary from 6 USD to 10 USD if the adopt is complicate to do please note me with theses informations : 1 : specie (you can choose from the list at the end ) 2 : hybrid (you can choose a...
  2. Vatinyan

    Your character as a figurine! OOAK

    Time to bring this up again! I will make custom one-of-a-kind chibi figurines for those interested. This means a sculpt made of super sculpey and hand painted, at a size about 3''. For now the price is around $160, while I see how this all works out :) Here is the detailed information from my...
  3. Number01hunter

    Custom Fursona

    Ok, I am relatively new to the fandom, and I have an idea of what I want for a fursona. The problem is I am a writer, not an artist and would really like to find someone who would be willing to commission my idea into art; a reference sheet. What I would like: A fursona in both feral and...
  4. nannerchu

    Custom Color Palette Auction

    Trying something new, and a hosting a choose your own color palette auction! Winner gets to choose their own colors. More information and bidding is located here: www.furaffinity.net: CUSTOM PALETTE AUCTION by nannerchu Feel free to ask questions here, or note me on FA!
  5. Mid-Nightshade

    Custom Reference Sheet 50$

    I'm opening Three Slots for Reference sheets to be done to help us cover upcoming Rent. They'll look similar to this, though you can customize it by adding things as you'd like it and changing whatever shape. This is just the basic style it'll be in unless you have another request. I can do any...
  6. brian577

    Lack of stigma against commissioned suits?

    I've noticed that in the cosplay community it is generally frowned upon to commission a costume, you are expected to make your own. Your not a true cosplayer if it's not homemade. In the furry community though, it doesn't matter who makes it. It's all about the performance. Where does this...
  7. KayleighAnn

    Retro Game style Perler Sprite of your 'Sona

    Remember those little plastic melty beads you used to play with as a kid, made a mario mushroom and forgot about it? Well, I kept at it and now I make big sprites. www.furaffinity.net: Shiny Chandelure by KayleighAnn I have lots of options to choose from, with prices starting at $10. US...
  8. Dreamerwolf

    Custom Furry Funkos

    Hello! I'm selling custom Furry Funko POPs. Base price is $40+Shipping. That includes a modeling of species and a repaint. Extras are things like clothing, wings, reshaping, props..ect. Ask for a quote! Customs are based off of the DIY male or female figure. If you want an edit/repaint of an...
  9. metallic_canine

    What hardware are you using?

    Hey FAF! I'm new to the 'Forums but I thought I'd start getting involved here in the Tech section! I'm a Computer Science student, so along with that beautiful stereotype you can tell I've used a number of computers in my time. My question is, what kind of computer do you use? Go ahead and brag...
  10. L

    Character Themed Jewelry Pieces

    Hi everyone!!!... I am a jewelry designer and I would like am taking on commissions of making jewelry using character themes. If anyone is interested you can see my work on my FA page Userpage of lavendarwood -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I am looking to increase my work and talents as a designer...
  11. FruitLoopFox

    Make yourself some custom fursona stuff!

    Just used this site to make bf a custom tank top for $0.99 -PLUS FREE SHIPPING-!!! Whaaaat!? HERE'S SOME NIFTY COUPON CODES TO MAKE YOURSELF SOME CUSTOM GOODIES! $0.99 custom mousepad with free shipping. www.artscow.com: Custom Large Mousepad Coupon code: Z099MOUSEPADZC3R5, Expires on...
  12. MattWhite

    Anyone know where I can buy a custom fursuit head with a moving jaw?

    I'm not planning on buying one anytime soon but I wanted to get an idea of how much it will cost when I do.
  13. jinja

    Custom T-Shirt Commissions! (5 slots)

    Hey guys! So a while back someone had asked me if I was able to do a custom t-shirt commission since I sell tees on my online shop. I did one for them and they loved the turn out so Im deciding to do a few more if anyones interested! Style one: $45 (+$8 for international comms) This style is...
  14. punkeon

    Chibis, anthros, customs & regular commissions ($20-$55)

    Hey all! I'm selling a few commissions to make a little cash. Pricing; (per OC) Chibi Quad - $20-25 depending on complexity of character. Example: Regular Quad: $35-45 depending on complexity of character. Example: Chibi Anthro: $25-30 depending on complexity of character. No current...
  15. Hellsingkitten

    $25 OOAK Small Sculptures (Open)

    I'm going to open up 6 slots for $25 custom sculptures. Once these slots are filled, prices will go back to their normal price. ($30-60 value!) Sculptures are %100 clay. These slots include: -any species -any gender -SFW or NSFW -fetish items and small accessories allowed -choice of simplistic...
  16. A

    OPEN for Fullsuit Commission

    Hey guys! I've never posted here before but I'm offering a custom full suit! Basic details include.. -Foam Head -Toony style eyes -Digi or plantigrade -Minimum $1500 Maximum $2000 for suit cost -Half up front and half when all finished with frequent updates! If you're interested or would like...
  17. Dolphanatic

    Painting Details on Kung Fu Panda Figures

    I figured I'd go ahead and show you all something I'm working on. Recently, I got these Kung Fu Panda figures to sit on display and show my appreciation for the series. They're decent figures (and rather inexpensive, too, thanks to eBay), but I feel like a couple of them could be improved upon...