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  1. colorcat


    Hi to everyone! Thanx for your attention! Okay, I really need money right now :"D You can find more my artwork here~https://www.furaffinity.net/user/colorcat/ My price U can see here - www.furaffinity.net: COMISSIONS ARE OPEN! by colorcat I DO NSFW and SFW stuff <3 Thank you so much for...
  2. plumoaster_dis

    Open full color commisions (starting at 5 usd)

    headshot: 5 usd chibi: 7 usd halfbody: 10 usd my conditions here: www.deviantart.com: Commision conditions if you are interesed dm me!
  3. Moobutt

    [CLOSED] [NSFW] In a need for affordable artist

    G'day, denizens of the FA forums! This is probably... My second time posting? Not too sure. Anyways! I'll cut right to the chase. In the process of fetching myself some bucks, I reckon my budget'll be somewhere around the $40s, so, here's your chance to make a quick buck! Provided you're okay...
  4. FurFurSha

    (Commission) Selling: Shasha's commissions (12$-135$) ♥ Chibis/Sketches/RefSheets/Polished/Pokemon/NSFW

    Hello there! I'm Sha/Shasha and you can find here my commission prices! I may open and close the thread depending of the free slots!! You are free to ask for more refs if you are trying to find something specific in my style, I will do my best! You can pay in USD or EUR! But I highly recommend...
  5. A

    OPEN one fullbody drawing semirealistic 50 usd

    soo i have one slot open for commission 50 usd with simple background, fullbody semirealistic i accept all kind of furry or non furry i don't draw mecha
  6. riteru


    I’m open for chibi ref sheets and customs! they will look like this! including a back side, tails, ect. willing to make them furry as well. Prices start at $10, will rise depending on the complexity. more examples (adoptables) www.furaffinity.net/view/29955819/ Paypal invoices only!
  7. yellowrum

    Rummie's commissions!

    Rummie's Art Shop - - - Hello! Thank you so much for visiting! I've got some commission slots open! I've mostly used Furry Amino to get commissions, but I'm ready to branch out - this is why many of my links will redirect to Furry Amino! Styles I offer - - - Right now I offer icons, and...
  8. S

    ♡Limited Time, Cutesy colored full bodies for $5 //Kemono,Chibi♡

    ‍Hello! I'm offering my art for less than what I plan to eventually, so help a girl out! ;^) $5 Fullbodies, flat colored & lined. Can do anthro, human, animal. Will be drawn in a Kemono/chibi cute style like my examples. Extra characters are discount! Art Choices: Fullbody with lineart & flat...
  9. peachgumms

    $5 Headshot Adopts PayPal

    Here are some cheap and cute headshot adoptables I’m selling. They are only $5 each but I will be willing to do a full body with wome light props/simple clothes for $30 if anyone is interested. Comment on the original post please!!! www.furaffinity.net: $5 Headshot Adoptables by peachgumms...
  10. Aqua-Spirit22

    Colorful art + YCH + Stained glass art (6-23 €/USD)

    Hi there! I'm opening commissions - more info is below the samples! Price for 2 characters: x1.5 in halfbody/chibi fullbody and x1.8 in fullbody I'm accepting both euro (€) and USD - euro is highly preferred because it helps me pay my classes! but USD is good too, I've written the price...
  11. HollowedDen

    Hollowed Dump

    Hiya! Hello, name's HollowedDen, (I know it's a bad pun) I've been lurking around the forums for a couple of months and just found the courage to introduce myself. I enjoy making cute furry art of Happy Tree Friends in my spare time, Flippy is my favorite. I used to post my stuff to Tumblr...
  12. K1ND

    K1ND's Minis! $12 each! ♪

    Hello everyone! I'm K1ND and this thread is for my Minis! [: payment via paypal only either upfront or after I send you a finished watermarked version! no nsfw at this time! I can draw humans & anthros in this style! ferals will also be minis, but an experiment because I don't have any full...
  13. boodrawsbones

    $20 Iron Artist Pin Badges

    $20 for 2.25" or $30 for 3.5", price includes shipping (in the US) and digital file. Will be started and completed in the month of January. These are super cute for cons or to show off your fursona year-round! More photos, and the order form, are available here: www.boodrawsbones.com: Iron...
  14. Pawnige

    Pawnige's $15-$20 Shaded Headshot Commission shop!

    Heya! I'm moving out of my parents house soon to head to University, and am in need of some cash to help boost me into my fully autonomous life :3 That being said, I have decided to open for headshot/Icon commissions! The commission will be a high-resolution, shaded image of your character. I...
  15. Kitlets

    $5 Chibis ( Human, Anthro, Feral)

    Contact Deviantart (Kitterlings) Discord: Josie#0333 Email: tokyodefect@gmail.com ★ Price $5 USD ★ Rules - You may not use the finished product commercially unless we have worked something out. - You will only recieve a .PNG file, no .SAI, .PSD, etc.. - Give me credit where it is due. - You may...
  16. daaiyah sims

    Christmas Commission Sale 15% OFF! (OPEN)

    really just need motivation to draw since i'm not being paid for what i'm doing.. so i have some Christmas commission pieces for sale limited time at, 15%, and i need some for emergency commissions. check out the new sales here: sta.sh/01480d8v8ez8 or you may purchase them at their original...
  17. boodrawsbones

    $5 Holiday Icons and $15 Katamari YCH

    Hey everyone! I'm offering holiday icons for $5 The turnaround on these is same day and they are available to any species (even human)! I also have a Katamari YCH I am accepting three spots for. They are $15 for your character rolling a katamari of your choice, or $20 for a katamari with stuff...
  18. fralea

    Volunteers for Hannukah YCH?

    Hey I wanted to do this pic as a YCH last year and it didn't work out. I thought about trying again this year but I've been sick and Hannukah already started, so I decided to make it a free pic instead! I always see lots of Christmas-themed pics around this time of year and I thought there...
  19. F1uffy.Chips

    Do you like Shiba Inu puppies?

    Hello!I have a character that is a Shiba Inu!Sadly I only have a written description but once I get a few pieces of art I might change this. His name is Luke.He is male.He is 10 weeks old and has a darker pallet like this babe.And the designs are similar to this babe He has a bit of hair...
  20. Xitheon

    Guinea pigs!!

    The newest additions to my family of animal friends. :) The grey guy is called Barney and the little golden guy is named Gordon... Did I mention that I love Half-Life? Gordon Freeman - Wikipedia half-life.fandom.com: Barney Calhoun