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  1. UwUCarlaUwU

    Should i do priced commisions,

    im kinda curious if my art is worth paying 10-50 dollars for,
  2. silentpawss

    (Commission) Selling: Silentpawss commissions (starting at 10 USD)

    I will draw anything for the most part, and if I am uncomfortable with something we can discuss a small price increase and I will draw it regardless (except scat... my one no go) I will do character sheets as well - front and back with a headshot for 80 dollars - if you want additional heads...
  3. Pinkaap

    Cute Furry Art

    Looking for really cute furry headshots or customs based on moodboards? Commission me! I'm saving up for a screen tablet and I'm $545/$790 at the moment so all help is appreciated! My headshots _ $10 Moodboard Customs - $13 Waist up - $15 Fullbody - $25
  4. MelassaBB

    You are my sweety - YCH 30$ ( for valentine's day )

    Do you want gift to your boyfriend or girlfriend a cutie illustration? with only 30USD you can get it! you can choose a character instead of the dog ( YCH - your character here ) click here --> www.furaffinity.net: you are my sweety - YCH by MelassaBB click here --> www.furaffinity.net: you...