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  1. Xitheon

    Puppy Cyclops, anyone?

    www.thesun.co.uk: dog nicknamed Kevin after the Minions cartoon character is born in Thailand It's sad but cute. I'm posting here because it could be used to inspire a fursona.
  2. Violet McCurleyque

    Cyclops Cat adoptables!

    Adoptables: Cyclops Cat Hey guys! I've got my first batch of adoptables in and I'm very excited The basic colored versions on the top row are all 15 dollars a piece with the bottom row of delux skins at 25 dollars a piece. This is a paypal only sale on a first come first serve basis. Please...
  3. Twiphase3468

    Cyclop Blacksmith OTA Open!

    www.furaffinity.net: Cyclops Blacksmith OTA by Twiphase3468 Click link if you wish to claim Einzocyl Be accepting any offer higher than $25
  4. Cutieclops

    Intergalactic cyclops slime aliens, the Cutieclops!

    Greetings goofriends! We’re the Cutieclops and we’ve travelled all the way from Cutieclopolis to study Earth’s cultures, creatures, and everything in between! We can’t wait to probe you for all your Earth knowledge! You can find us atthemall.storenvy.com ! We’re so excited to find out all...