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  1. B

    Name Ideas? (Closed)

    I just got this dude today and I'm not sure what to name him. He's a fatherly type that likes to kick ass when the situation calls for it. The artist said he was inspired from a salamander and a lizard. o3o I'm looking for a name that's sophisticated and cool at the same time. Lol Thanks so...
  2. Tate Coyote

    Anyone parents? Need some help..

    Derp. Just realized I posted this in the wrong area. My bad. Admin, please delete?
  3. furryfilth

    Blonde Angel Dragon Names?

    Okay okay okay. I finally figured out what my DAD looks like, but she needs a name still. She's mostly a blonde color (less yellow and more of a pale golden brown), with white, light blue, and grey. Personalitywise she's very outgoing and fun, bubbly or bouncy are good words to describe her. The...
  4. furryfilth

    DAD creativity thread

    I need ideas for a new Dutch Angel Dragon fursona, preferably ones that aren't all that similar to Telephone. I like her shape and style which if typically just characteristic of DADs, but maybe just some new horn/spike placement, unique features, etc? Throw me some ideas.
  5. furryfilth

    Names for Bunnies and Dutch Angel Dragons?

    I'm making two new character and I find that I can create the design a lot easier when I have a name in mind, sooooo.. what would you name a dutch angel dragon and Bunny? Both are female, they have no concept design or personality yet, so just fire out those names!
  6. Txtbooksh

    Does your Dutch Angel Dragon have an origin story? Please share!

    So I have had a Dutch Angel Dragon since June of last year and, aside from a few pieces of art here and there, I've not really done anything else for her. Of course I would love a fursuit but another thing I wanna work on would be Eshne's origin story; specifically how she came to appear in the...