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  1. shetaizettai

    Macro MxM RP

    Anyone willing to RP as Frank from Osmosis Jones as a Giant who finds a tiny that causes the city to have kinky thoughts?
  2. afrohyena


    Soo first sorry for my terrible english i learned playing games and reading some books i actually doing some duolingo but i am a lazy i know my art is not that good but yeah maybe someone like :3 basically my request rules is on my journal: www.furaffinity.net: Request Open -- AfroHyena's...
  3. J

    ADBL rp

    Im a very dominat male looking to do long term ABDL rp. any gender. message me here. must be into diapers and using them. you can be furry or non furry. femboys and sissy, male and female welcome
  4. thehowl

    Newbie - My first completed furry art.

    Hey, New here. I've been posting over on Reddit a bit. Always been interested in the artistic side of the furry fandom but never got into it until now. Haven't drawn for years, let alone digitally, but here's my first furry - Bulldaddy. He's the Pitbull next door you're kinda scared of, but...
  5. T

    Muscle Daddy and His muscle worshipping son

    Looking for an RP partner who can be my muscle daddy whos into muscle growth, inflation, dom/sub, hyper masculine, hyper features, and c-vore. Looking to have a lot of fun with someone whos super open!