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  1. T

    Question about dakimakura designs

    So I am buying one dakimakura design from artist on Furaffinity and he hasn't never done one before. After I told what I was looking for he was okay with my idea. My only problem now is that I don't know where I could order it as custom design for dakimakura. It was for personal use only so I...
  2. W

    Hiring: ($100+) Looking for artist for NSFW Male Horse images for Dakimakura use, front and back.

    As the title says really. I am looking for someone who is good at drawing anthro stallions and can provide a high resolution set of images to be used for Dakimakura and inflatable body pillows; I've decided I finally want one. Price negotiable, so please get in touch if this sounds like...
  3. Nazayne Brown

    Dakimakura Body Pillow ($75-$200)

    Looking around for any artists who can draw a dakimakura layout, two sides for the pillow. NSFW will be involved. I am willing to go higher if needed but I am looking for examples and high quality art.
  4. R

    Furry dakimakura design suggestions

    I’ve been planning to get an dakimakura of an feral wolf Lilly from Alpha & Omega (Yes, that movie got me, made me wanna join the fandom) I would even go to an convention with it. Do you have any ides how I can improve it with different design and maybe add a few accessories? (Please no NSFW...
  5. SataNats


    [Bad english alert!!!] Well, hello everyone! I am very new in the fur fandom aaaaand I want to improve my art. Things have been pretty hard (very, very hard, really) and I would love to do some comissions and get some money, but I kinda suck, yea. So I want to do some free stuff, at least once...
  6. CynicalPopcorn

    (NSFW) Hug Pillow Commission

    I'm looking for a decent artist to commission for a daki (hug pillow) cover of one of my characters. It will be an NSFW commission. My budget is £150 ideally but I can go a bit higher if needed, hard cap of £200. Please respond to this thread or DM me if you're interested, thank you!
  7. CountingBlackSheep

    Large kemomo Dakimakura YCH

    (not a body pillow just art) these are gonna be $70 a pop because these ones also have a back view ! i'm also considering doing NSFW for an extra fee ? And if you do want this on a real body pillow these are big enough to put on it
  8. O

    Dakimakura help (Peach Fuzz)

    Hello all, I hope this is the right place to put this thread I figured you guys work with fabric and materials so hopefully this is the right place to ask. I have treated my dakimakura very well and only sleep on it with clean hair. I tend to use it mostly for sleeping on and not as a...