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  1. sin_bio_wolf

    Request: Anyone willing to draw my two gay beans together as taurs?

    So I have this cute gay couple among my characters who both over time got taur versions and was wondering if anyone would be interested/willing in drawing them together in those forms <3 I'd share pics of them on here but ones to large to put in post and other has nipples showing so just links...
  2. D


  3. Luteus

    Dating apps

    Am I the only one that uses those just to see who's around but not really take it seriously? Very rarely do I get good conversations from those apps, so I just mess around. I don't doubt that you can actually meet nice people there, but I've never taken it seriously myself.
  4. S

    im bored i wanna chat

    i want to chat with people because im just a loner i dont mind if i chat with femboys im single
  5. J

    Date Furries (18+)

    A little over a year ago, I created the thread "Meet Local Furries" to help users form friendships and relationships. I'm absolutely blown away with the attention it's received (with over 9,000 views and 200 replies), but I'd like to make it better. Especially during times like these...
  6. J

    Same-Sex Dating Question

    While I'm attracted to both men and women, I don't really have much experience with men. I've tried it, but it seems like everyone in my area is only interested in things besides dating. Considering my lack of experience, I don't want to jump into anything I haven't gotten comfortable with yet...
  7. S

    Any Gay/Bi guys out there?

    Im a 19 year old Bisexual guy in the boring straight midwest looking for Gay/Bi buddies, I am pretty isolated from any other guys my age and i dont know any Gay/Bi boys. I had several Girlfriends in highschool but i never dated a guy and im super excited to get out there. Im not new to FA but i...
  8. A

    Meet Local Furries

    At the suggestion of a fellow forum user, I have decided to create a thread that I hope will see success. If you are interested in meeting local furries, please fill out the following while keeping any additional details to private messages. See a comment, send a message, and see where things...
  9. A

    Furry Dating/Hookup Websites - Are They All Bad?

    I made a post regarding furry dating/hookup websites recently, but, looking back at it, I am dissatisfied with what I posted. This new thread will hopefully convey my thoughts and questions much more effectively. While browsing furry-related pages on Facebook, I stumbled across a page...
  10. A

    Furry Dating Sites

    While looking at Facebook meme pages, I stumbled upon a page centered around a furry dating website. Curious, I fired up Google and saw that it was far from being the only one, and I started reading about similar shady practices that a number of them have in common (such as bot accounts which...
  11. TaWumpas

    New here, found out my GF is a Furry and I wish to understand.

    About a week ago I found out that my girlfriend is a furry. Honestly, I wish I had initially handled it better. I reacted with shock and was honestly a little put off because I didn't really understand. But now I wish to understand it and perhaps come to appreciate it. Perhaps with the help of...
  12. Asher Grey

    Furry dating apps/sites?

    I've been thinking about looking into furry dating apps lately, both for dating and just meeting new people. However, I have seen a lot of complaints about specific ones. Scams, minors using them, poor moderation, etc. Are there any that folks are content with, even if only in comparison to...
  13. S

    Avatar pickup lines

    It's a simple game! Give the user above you a pickup line based on their avatar :3 The line can be cheesy or not. But it's gotta be based on their profile photo.
  14. Micshork

    Furry and Dating

    Hello. I wanted to create this thread for two purposes. One, to ask for my own personal advice from people, and Two, to help others who might have this problem and might want to discuss this issue with each other. I want to hear how YOU (The reader of this post) maintain a Healthy relationship...
  15. Zehlua

    Making Love Interests for a Game!

    I'm designing love interests for an anime-inspired furry dating game. 1. What are the hottest personality traits and types? 2. What anime tropes do you love and which ones do you hate? 3. What are the most attractive cat and dog species?
  16. still_human1020

    Pounced down, what's left?

    i wasn't even aware of the entire awful, evil bullshit law that's causing so many dating sites to be shut down until it was too late to even get my messages again(I'm not even out of the loop, I thought! I get swamped with all kindsa petitions, and emails about current legal nonsense going on...
  17. littlecoffeefox

    Intimacy with an Arctic Fox

    Hello, I'm Iku: an Arctic Fox. I enjoy a balance of time alone and time with friends. My passion is to do the things that make me happy and be able to help others with the same. I like outdoor sports: rock climbing, biking and snowboarding. And indoor sports: board games, food, cooking and...
  18. Aaron U Pictus

    Successes of an online, long distance, long term relationship.

    I think there are a few other furs who stand with me in saying this. I feel like many good and wonderful relationships get a bad rap beacuse the couple found each other online either on a forum in a fandom or whilst gaming online. And yet I find in many cases (this coming from experience)...
  19. Lea.Tigris

    Single furs?

    I know there have been so many of these threads but I can seem to find any now so decided to make a fresh one. Single? Looking? Post your shiz here! Edit: Have a little form if you don't know where to start. ^^ Name: Gender: Orientation: Personality: Interests: More info:
  20. F

    Can't decide on Sona but S/O did. Anyone else?

    So, I'd say I'm new to the Furry community, but I've been skirting around the edges for a long time. I guess it was less that I wasn't in the community so much as I didn't know it existed until now? Anyways, I've gone through my fair share of fursonas in the past, unfortunately, and I still...