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  1. Angellothefox

    Is there any websites out there where I can put my DEMO on

    I made a DEMO of a game a fnaf fan made dating simulator and I want to know is there any game websites at will let me post DEMO's. Reading the rules of GameJoilt it said this. No stripped-down demos or "lite" versions of commercial games are permitted, unless you also add the full version for...
  2. Simo

    Would you date an android?

    Suppose in the future, they could make Androids that were so human, you couldn't really tell them apart. Would you date one? You could even decide certain elements of their personality, appearance, interests, sexual inclinations...and whatever other details. For me, though, I think it would...
  3. P

    Finding someone that's okay with your weirdness

    Hey, so in a few months I'm going to really make myself available for dating for the first time in my life. Problem, I don't know how I'm gonna find someone who is either a furry or is cool with me being a furry. Not even just that, I'm bisexual, biologically male (weirdly a deal breaker for a...
  4. NekoSuperiority

    Looking for love still

    I'm still searching lol. Is there any guys on this site interested in an Alpha-Male cat? If you're interested please message me.
  5. NekoSuperiority

    Looking for Love (0/////0)

    Hiya! I'm a young Male cat looking for love. I am a Top, and pretty alpha. I'm looking for a Femboy or M2F companion. I am very loving and accepting, I'm looking forward to hearing from you. (^w^)/