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  1. Glitter_Daddy

    A Slice of Alley Life

  2. ThePokeFan

    Pokémon Rain Boots Festival art event

    Running my first art event called the Pokémon Rain Boots Festival to celebrate the rainy season of June and was wondering if anyone on here would be intrested in joining. The event lasts all month long so you'll have plenty of time to do your drawings. Rules are in this tweet:
  3. Chomby

    Request: Would anyone be interested in drawing this unusual fellow?

    Name: Garrick Gender: Male Species: Day Drifter (Original Species) Personality: He doesn't talk much. He tends to listen more than anything. He doesn't share a lot about himself or his past, and is a loner. His alignment is lawful neutral. He lives the way he thinks is right for himself. He...
  4. StarKitt3n

    (Commission) Selling: 24 Hour Fullbodies - $20 Starting

    ***************DONE WttITHIN 24 HOURS OF PAYMENT!!!!!!*************** $20 per character. +15 extra character Up to 2 characters per slot MAX. Slots: 3/3! Comment to claim! MORE Examples: www.furaffinity.net: [C] - Blackpelt by StarKitt3n www.furaffinity.net: [C] - JessicaBelle by...
  5. Reiv

    What Do You Play When You're Stressed/Frustrated?

    You had a rough day, you have access to video games, you sit down and start playing something. What do you play when the day didn't go as you planed it? When I'm in a really bad mood, I play Osu! or Warlords Awakening or Tales of Berseria.
  6. S

    Why is it so hard to make friends?

    I really wish it was easier, GAD and Chronic Depression really put a damper on your ability to make new friends in the real world.... 4 years now my only companion has been my mate and though i love him dearly i really do need someone else i can talk to but it seems impossible sometimes. God...