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d&d alignment grid fursona

  1. Evok Studios

    Sketchbook: Female snake - Commission

    Commission for RonShuman <3
  2. Little_Luna

    The lost mines of Phandalin (DnD) (Closed)

    It has been a while since I've posted here about anything RP related, though this is not a 1 on 1, this is D&D. I decided to run the Beginner adventure campaign Lost mines of Phandalin. Now, unlike normal D&D, where we have a set date and time for each game, this will be like a regular group...
  3. Dongding

    Furry Alignment

    Where do your fursonas fall on the D&D alignment grid, and why? For the sake of accuracy, only vote once for each fursona. (Even if you're on the fence about it!) Dongding is Lawful Good, but too much of a pantywaste to ever snitch; self preservation and all.