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  1. Just-Joeying

    New & Nervous [SFW Digital Artist]

    Hello there! My name is Joey and I am a queer self-taught artist from Canada who has only recently come out as furry. This is my first step into the community in an official sense (I was always lurking from the shadows and admiring the art and characters I found on other sites) and to be honest...
  2. B

    Furry D&D or other TTRPG games?

    Hello, I'm asking around to see if there are any furry/fur friendly tabletop games taking place, either on Roll20 or Discord or Forge. In spite of my username/post history I'm fine with joining SFW games or non-kink games that are mostly focused on the story. I'm decently experienced in 5E, and...
  3. JonTheCaptive

    Hiring: (Prices Negotiable) Looking for an Animator to create an 80s cartoon style intro for a D&D Campaign! [CLOSED]

    Hello everyone! I got into D&D about eight months ago and began DMing a campaign for IRL friends back in December. But starting this Sunday, I'll be starting an online NSFW campaign for a large group of fellow furs. It'll be a D&D campaign like any other, with a large focus on telling collective...
  4. Space_Din0saur

    Lf Experienced DM and Players for Online D&D Game

    Hello! My name is Kira. I am looking for an DM and players who are interested in playing a long term, online D&D 5e Campaign. Now, I am asking for an experienced DM because I have a fanmade adaptation of a 2e book called Council of Wyrms. It allows players to play as dragons-ich is why I am...
  5. Foxy Emy

    Table-Top RPG Nerd-Out Thread

    Hi all! This idea comes from @Minerva_Minx & @Skittles! A lot of us have played Table-Top RPG's and/or LARPs. But this doesn't really fit well in the Tavern thread which is mostly focused on plain ol' RP without the G so I decided to make this so we have a place to nerd out, together! What...
  6. Feralteddy

    Need coloring advice.

    Working on a commission for someone, created the character for them from the ground up from the characteristics they described to me. I have everything done and colored but the shawl and undies, which they have no idea what they want the color to be, and neither do I. I'm incredibly indecisive...
  7. TinyRaptor

    Hiring: WoW/D&D/Etc Art, $10-$60+ budget

    Got my first paycheck from my new job, looking to celebrate with some art. I PREFER DIGITAL ART, and cutesy anime styles need not apply. Because my characters are not very cartoony looking and I also want art of bigger dudes with my OCs. You're still welcome to post, however, in case you'd...
  8. VincentDraggy

    [Tabletop RPG][Pathfinder 1e][LFG][18+] Serpent's Skull AP

    Hello~! I'm looking to get together a group and GM for setting up this adventure path. We'll be using Roll20 and I'm a pro member of Roll20 and can provide all of the extra benefits of it. And we'll be using Discord for voice and text. For game times (Eastern Standard Time), I'm possibly looking...
  9. Tera Noctem

    Request: Kobold Art

    I recently got to start a D&D campaign as a Kobold hatchling, she was built after reading comics done by Userpage of Rakkuguy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I'm not the best artist but I did some art of my little girl for the campaign. www.furaffinity.net: Rokra - Kobold Ranger by AsamiKuro I was...
  10. Ashwolves5

    Request: D&D Tabaxi Monk

    Have a one shot coming up this weekend and I usually prepare a visual for my character but I am lacking time as I am prepping for conventions. If your not familiar with a Tabaxi it’s like a Kahjit from Elder Scrolls games. (Kitty peoples) Looking to get an image of a Tabaxi Monk that is like a...
  11. N

    (Closed) Anyone interested in D&D?

    Dunno if this is exactly the right place to post this thread, but since D&D is a form of roleplay, it seems like the closest fit. I've always wanted to play D&D, but never have really been able to. I only have one friend who does play D&D but her group isn't open to other players. I have only...
  12. Gotel

    Looking for Players for a Furry Pathfinder Campaign

  13. Little_Luna

    The lost mines of Phandalin (DnD) (Closed)

    It has been a while since I've posted here about anything RP related, though this is not a 1 on 1, this is D&D. I decided to run the Beginner adventure campaign Lost mines of Phandalin. Now, unlike normal D&D, where we have a set date and time for each game, this will be like a regular group...
  14. Zenkiki

    Looking to start up a group for a D&D story

    I am wanting to try to start a d&d group to get some cool stories out there and I have been wanting to do one for a while but never was able to get into a group. So the best way is to make a group and be the DMas I love to lead stories, most are really good if I can get enough detail from the...
  15. PPPerson

    Hello, designated hello area!

    Hey guys, whats good? Im new here, and to using forums in general- but I'm an artist looking to try my hand at adult/anthro content, and meeting other artists. Sort of shy lurk-more-than-engage person, but I wanna change that. Nice to meet you! Lets see.. I like D&D (obsessed with dark elves...
  16. dremermika

    Looking for a DnD group or potentially other systems

    I thought I'd try in part since I'd love to join a DnD group or similarly a roleplaying game group of some sorts. I'm UK and available on Monday to Wednesday and Saturday. In general I'd just really like to join a group that I feel I could be more naturally friendly with.
  17. SoL-JoS

    Weekend D&D Campaign... with a twist!

    Hello, ladies and gents. I have come to introduce a modified type of D&D campaign with all new stats and peculiarities. What's the twist, you say? It's based on my novel, The Story of Luke: Journey of Souls. And yes, that's what my name means. Remember it. You'll be screaming it later. :p...
  18. eddy-boy

    D&D Dungeon Master Needed!

    Well met! My Discord Furry RPG group hungers for more adventure! But for that we’ll require an extra Dungeon Master for a D&D 5e game. Do you dare herd some cats through some dungeons and saucy RP? x3 Homebrew races and stories are strongly encouraged. We are also a lewd friendly group. -3-...
  19. VincentDraggy

    Anyone Interested in Pathfinder? (Tabletop RPG) (Mature)

    I'm looking to see if any furs would be interested in playing a mature, possibly nsfw, campaign of Pathfinder. It's a tabletop RPG very similar to D&D 3.5e, but still has a lot of its own differences. We would be using Roll20.net to host the game, it's a virtual table with built-in tabletop...
  20. pediachnid

    fave D&D race/monster

    what it says on the tin, and for bonus, draw your fursona as one if your an artist my fave has got to be the ettercap or giant spider for fairly obvious reasons