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  1. BirdSchool

    [Closed] Looking for a D&D Character Design (Kenku Warlock, $20-30 Budget)

    Edit: Thanks for all the responses! I've narrowed it down to 2-3 artists that I'm considering! All of your work is amazing though! Edit 2: I've reached out to the artist I'll be working with. I'll definitely be keeping some of you in mind if I decide to get more art of her down the line! Hi...
  2. charlesgray

    D&D style rp

    So I tried setting this up before but got super busy with school, but I’m ready now. It is through discord I have a bot for rolling dice used to roll for attacks and the like. I’m looking for 3 or 4 people to make up the party and would like for people to make a character sheet like would be...
  3. Zehlua

    Non-sexual RP, please!

    I'm a chocolatey bat creature who wants to: -Meet other fursonas and do some persona play! -Go on wild adventures, maybe D&D style, if you like! -Engage in a slice of life story in which we're having fun doing something mundane, like planning a surprise party or visiting a book store (can...
  4. ThefriendlyFurry

    Can someone turn my wolf into a D&D Ranger?

    Okay is I recently got I to D&D and found a species called “Wolffolk and decided that my wolf Sean was perfect. So I’d like someone to turn him into a Ranger specifically I’d like his outfit to look similar to the “Nights Watch” outfit from game of thrones. I’ll gladly compensate and trade for a...
  5. The_Leo_Wolf

    Furry D&D Group

    So, I wanna make a D&D group that would meet up weekly in a discord call we'd be using a website called roll20 to play for maps and such . If anyone is interested just respond here, when we have a group then we can start organizing days and such. I'm a willing DM unless someone else wants to...
  6. BoxOrphan

    Does Anyone Here Play D&D? Can I Join a SFW 5e Group?

    Hiya. I love D&D (though I am pretty new). When I play, I do heavy RP where characters have arcs. I don't know if people here modify races to be anthro, but either way that shouldn't change anything for me. Is there a SFW 5e group I could join?
  7. A

    LFG Roll20 D&D RP SFW*

    Hey everyone. My SO and I are new here but we are very much interested in some furry roleplay. Specifically, we are looking for other players and an experienced DM (Being familiar with roll20 is a must) We are open to plenty of settings from fantasy to sci-fi We are looking for a fairly...
  8. Grimm Hund

    Single Male Dragonborn...

    I'm looking for a female D&D player. We play 5e in a campaign structured around a West Marches campaign. I guess this is me asking for someone to RP as a female dragonborn? Color doesn't exactly matter and your class is all up to you. What I'm looking for is someone to RP as my Dragonborn's...
  9. tobiasred

    Dragon Character For Sale on Auction

    Hi All, I'm going to be working on making random D&D characters to time myself with my drawings lately, so I'm going to be making a lot of characters I don't need but other people may want! You don't have to use them for D&D but they are going to be D&D Based. There will be more auctions in the...
  10. Snipernoah11

    D&D inspired Vore rp

    Hey I was wondering if anyone was willing to do a vore rp based around D&D stats and adventure with my one of my characters. I would like switches who can be multiple characters in a RP for this one or just one person can be like that...others can be pred or prey (just no eating me XD!) . Also I...
  11. Byere

    Pathfinder Game

    Hey everyone. This is a call out to anyone who's interested in D&D, or in this case, Pathfinder. My group plays on Skype on Wednesdays, starting at 6-7pm GMT (England time) However, over the last few weeks, we've had a number of players drop out due to commitments on that silly thing call...
  12. Impulse-8

    How to describe kobolds to non-D&D people?

    "They're like the seven dwarves from Snow White, but with scales. And they don't sing. And they're an uneven mix of the Grumpy, Dopey, Happy, and Bashful dwarves."
  13. Nemnth

    Welcome To the Dungeon(s And Dragons)!

    I had an idea, why don't we play a little forum game version of Dungeons and Dragons? (Sorry if this isn't the right place, just throw the thread somewhere else if it isn't, this is a game so I thought it might go here!) I'll be the DM or the Dungeon Master. Whatever I say, goes. I'll be...
  14. thanksforthetea

    Dungeons & Dragons + Pathfinder!

    If this is in the wrong forum I'm sorry. Just wondering how many of you guys play this amazing game! I personally play Pathfinder and have a blast! Some question prompts: - What types of characters have you played? - What campaign setting did you play in? - Funniest encounter?