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  1. Asher Grey

    (Other) Selling: Buy a $20 refsheet, get 3 FREE stickers($12 value)

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get caught up financially, so I'm opening my refsheet comms! I'm willing to work with most designs. I'm also offering 3 slots for this! It's a total value of $32. You can see my older refsheets here: Artwork Gallery for Asherion -- Fur Affinity [dot] net And my...
  2. Ashwolves5

    Discord for helping you deal at a con!

    I made a discord for helping people who are dealers, aspire to be, or are just starting to sell at conventions and other events. I'd love some people to join so we can help each other out or just chat! Join the Dealers Dungeon! Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  3. GlorfyProductions

    $25 Head Shot Commissions by a Professional Cartoonist

    Hi! I'm a professional digital artist & cartoonist and I'm opening commissions for fursona headshots. I'll make you a custom headshot of your fursona for $25. [slots taken: 0/5] The price is set and it'll take a week or less. Nice and simple. It'll be in the style of all my head shots (see...
  4. Vin4ART

    ACT NOW! Holiday Sale!

    This Holiday Sale won't last long. Don't wait to get your very own pin up of your own for the season for a bargain price.
  5. NachoChipz

    For Sale! (comes with HQ Drawing $65)

    So I Haven't had much attention on FA because my reach isn't quite there so I thought id try here. The Fur in question and being sold is Eclipse. I've had her for a long time but don't use her anymore, she has a HQ art piece by Eqval and a nude and GA Ref as well as a very cute Icon ^u^ I'm...
  6. zobielle

    $100 Package Deal!

    I've seen people do things like this where they'll offer certain amounts of art to be done in a certain amount of time and I wanted to try one myself if someone is interested. Basically I just offer a certain amount of art that you'll get within a certain amount of time. At least that's how I...
  7. Grimm Hund

    'Special Trinkets' Poll for your Sona

    Hello! Short intro here for me to say I'm a writer. I'm doing a new piece and I need a general idea about something. It may seem like an odd question, but please answer honestly. >> One fateful day, a stranger visits you. This stranger is very unsettling as if his appearance strikes fear into...
  8. drymarchon

    New Commissions for Hadsvich! [deals inside]

    I drew these black and white commissions for hadsvich on Furvilla! These were a blast to draw, and I had a lot of fun rendering their designs. Bradley, the stoic but deadly lizard. Tenzo, the delightfully evil werewolf. Illian, a reincarnation of the moon! As a thanks for viewing my art...