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  1. F

    Best turn of events in video games

    What are the best turning points in video games? This can include betrayals, change of enemy, main character death, etc. I'll start: In the 3ds game Miitopia, you're chasing the Dark Lord through the story. I defeated the dark lord... but then my character's friend, the great sage, was claimed...
  2. Trevorbluesquirrel


    Well, if you can't be a bit macabre and morbid in October......? Anyway, I saw this topic on another forum, and wondered...... Give it to family or friend: Its just something to wear, like all my other clothes! Someone close to me who's always liked it can wear it now! Sell or auction it...
  3. Koriekraiz13

    DEAD THREAD: Whack your boss

    Your in the office, and your horrific boss is just about to come over, your sick of his attitude and want him dead, and your fed of life taking care of him, so, you call up "the janitor" who can clean up what your going to do, you gonna kill him any means possible, so..... What do you do to...
  4. Relic000

    Looking for Aliens (Xenomorph) Themed Breeding Rp

    I am looking for Aliens (movie saga) themed Rp. This implies the nature of the RP will be mature in content and NSFW 9 times out of 10. I am mainly looking for folk interested in the canonical breeding cycle of the Xenomorph (Aliens), that being having a facehugger implant an embryo into a...
  5. Roadkill-Sarny

    Looking for a Short Story Commission

    Hey guys, I don't know how many writers there are out there but I was hoping to find someone who'll write a short story about a female bat OC of mine. If you're interested, comment here or send me a note. Hope to hear from you all. :3 My female bat OC and ShadowTech assassin Vanessa is...
  6. 2oodles

    Looking for a mate

    Hi there, I'm a mortician. I don't really get a lot of people interested in me because of my profession. They think I'm some weird crypt keeper. Just looking for someone to have fun with and take my mind off of death.
  7. Leo Whitepaw

    Let's Debate The Death Penalty

    It's all in the title. Should it be allowed or stopped?
  8. Kattling

    Redrawing a deceased friend's art?

    I know, this probably sounds really weird. In short, I had a friend who passed away a couple of years ago. I was fiddling around with a the Wayback Machine earlier to see my old DA page, and ended up finding hers and looking through her drawings. I had the idea of redrawing one of her pieces, as...
  9. Impulse-8

    "What would you like written on your tombstone?"

    If you were a character of a story and you were to die a spontaneous death, what would you want written on your tombstone? As for me, I would want: "Here Lies Impulse" "He was a good man" "What a rotten way to die" "Yeah, RIP." (1234 BBF - 8888 ABF) (Before Brendan Fraiser/After Brendan...