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  1. LifeInCartoonMotion

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $15 - $20 SFW and NSFW Adopts Open! (Buff, monster, mystery eggs)

    These are some adopts I currently have open! $15 SFW Duality Deer: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42398284/ $20 SFW or NSFW mystery egg adopts: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43909065/ (All NSFW adopts come with SFW versions) $20 Hunky Reef Shark Hybrid...
  2. BoggyBiggs

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $10 Adopts!

    All of these are currently available! $10 USD each! Paypal only. Please PM or comment to claim one! 1- Spotted Ox 2-Mint Bunny 3-Striped Deer 4-Striped Hyena [TAKEN] 5-Koala Plush 6-Sleepy Lamb 7-Brown Wolf 8-Mustard Skunk Thank you!
  3. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: New Sona!

    I, after years of making characters and not being able to get attached to any of them, have made an OC I feel comfortable calling my Fursona!! References can be provided as needed, description is below! Do note, this will be a custom. Bloom is a short, White Tailed, Sika deer, mixed with a Snow...
  4. Pyruus

    Hiring: ($25+) (25-35$) Realistic Icon for a Friend

    I'm looking for someone to draw a profile picture for me. It's a birthday present for a friend. If interested, please reply!
  5. doggirlsondrugs

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Ungulate Ref Sheet YCH!

    Auctioning off a ref sheet for any hooved character - any gender, customizable clothes, hair, tail, horns & expression! Starting Bid: 40 USD Min. increase: 5 USD Click here for the submission where you can bid! Comment or PM me with any questions ^^
  6. Blu Dragoon

    Hiring: ($100+) Character Artist needed: Cute Deer Boy

    Hello, I'm looking to hire an artist to draw a character ref sheet of a cute and slightly feminine yet toned male Cervine. I'm looking for an artist that specifically specializes in cell-shading method that closely resembles Anime, and has a good understanding of colors. The ref sheet will...
  7. Chomby

    Request: Wanna draw this spooky dude this Spooktober?

    Hiya! This here is a character I created on a website called heroforge! He doesn't have a name yet but he already has some substance as far as personality and way of living is concerned. He died as a human hiker in the woods in the 19th century. He came back undead after several years, and...
  8. SundaeBunnie

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Doe Adopts! $5-$15

    Hello! Trying to sell these on amino but getting no bites. The 4 with the same designs/different palettes are $5, because they are basic. The three with more complex designs are $15. After payment is received you'll receive a full-res of your adopt. You are free to modify the character as you...
  9. myo

    hi i drew my first furries

    uhhh i’m new and i don’t actually have a fursona but i took my human ocs and gave them fursonas so C:>
  10. Evok Studios

    Nice to meet u! Im new :D this is my style art

    i made this commission the last week :)
  11. FableElwood

    (18+) Looking for a Discord RP Partner (M/M) (Longterm)

    Hey yall, I'm a literate roleplayer that only peaks his head out to roleplay every once in a blue moon on this site, so you'll have to forgive my informality in this post. See, I'm looking for a partner that would be willing to do a longer-term roleplay on discord or telegram. On those...
  12. Q


    I was wondering if anybody would be interested in drawing a male deersona? My own drawing skills are... lacking.
  13. epicukulelesolo

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Deer Adoptables $20

    There are 6 avaliable at the moment all going for $20 each! Furafinity Link here 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)
  14. Q

    Request: Right Board

    Hello. I was wondering if anybody would be open to drawing a male deersona, but I'm not sure if this is the right place to be asking? I'm sorry if it's not.
  15. mwuf

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: selling 6 adopts, $5-15

    Since I've had no luck selling these adopts on FurAffinity whatsoever, I decided I'd try my luck here. I'd like to be free of them as I don't use them for much of anything, and I'd like to see them be appreciated and used more by other people if possible at all. - Blue axolotl-dragon, $10...
  16. Wynst Draws

    Request: Anyone wanna try some NSFW with my ocs?

    ive got several characters that I’d like to see some NSFW work of. I’d be open for trades either artwork or written. Even be open to tossing some $$. Main OC male deer www.furaffinity.net: Gregory Carlyle fullbody by WynstDraws Female equine www.furaffinity.net: Yuge Whall on the Beach -...
  17. LoLiLaDoozy

    Guess it's introduction time!

    Hey! I'm LoLiLaDoozy! For a while now I always had an interest in anthroart and the many styles of it. I never really embraced it because surprise surprise my school was filled with trash who seemed to follow the same herd and despised anything different. So I suppressed it and ignored the...
  18. VertyWerty

    Vert's introduction to the furry fandom!

    Hello everybody! I'm new to the furry fandom. Well, not new, but I've been a furry for two years. I've always wanted to be a cervidae but I actually had no idea how my original character would've looked like though. And after two years, since January 2019, I've finally found a very cute design...
  19. Kingbatman7

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adopts Open! 10+ of them!

    Here are all of them! They're apart of my Adopt Series called "MAGIC MIKE" lol they're all themed as exotic dancers. xD R U L E S ★R U L E S★ ★ Paypal; USD only! ★ NO ECHECKS PLEASE NO HOLDS THIS TIME SORRY! ★ If you back out I will give you a warning. ★ Failure to pay will result in lost of...
  20. bringo-parrot

    (Commission) Selling: $45 Full-Body Character Commissions!

    Hi everybody! I'm currently offering my commissions for full-body character portraits at $45. They will be shaded and colored and NSFW and SFW are welcome. Here's some examples of my recent stuff! Please email me at goldenfawn123@gmail.com with a character reference and pose idea...