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  1. PTarts09

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Fantasy Deer Flatsale ($15, OPEN)

    As it says on the title I'm selling this design. Price: $15 TOS By buying this adopt you'll agree to these terms of service: - You can't say that you designed this, please credit me the first time you draw the adopt (If you tag me I'll be eternally grateful, I'd love to see what you guys do...
  2. PandaUwU

    PandaUwU's shop! Adoptables and Commish. Check yo!

    Hi there! I am new here :D But nice to meet you guys. 4 female fluffs designs For adoption. view here Pay via PAYPAL. In usd. I am working on their back view rn. DM my twitter if interested~ ^-^ 35usd each. c: *do not use them for rp/or anything!* do follow me on twitter and fA as...
  3. Ravofox

    "Innocent" deer have reached Canadian-US border

    My furrends, a crisis is on our paws. Them wide eyed spotted fiends seem to think that they can get a free ticket to the slightly warmer climes of America from Canada this month. Despite the fact that there cervines are not using normal immigration procedures, millions of furs have been duped by...
  4. Gazzi

    Need a little guidance I suppose uwu

    So I've had this dood for about a year and a half now, just got him on a whim to see how it would come out and I was somewhat happy with him at the time.. but I've slowly started to use him less and less because the more I look at him, the more I think I can improve him.. but the only problem...
  5. Punkish-Raccoon

    8 adoptables, 3 races, 1 special species (8$)

    Hello ! :) I've some adoptables to sell if you're interested ! Here they are : The Uulphin : they are chimerical creatures, with a body from a forest animal (deer, wolf, boar, rabbit, bear, raccoon, fox...) and their backlegs are a tail from daulphins or sharks. They wear skulls from their...
  6. Wynst Draws

    Advice on drawing deer

    Hi, I'm looking for advice on drawing deer. Anthro is what I am planning on doing. I can't seem to get the head shape right. Can't seem to understand how the head and mouth/muzzle go together. Thanks!
  7. Nowlia

    AUTUMN and HALLOWEEN adoptables!! ~

    Heya guys!! I'm putting out a few Halloween/Autumn adopts. I'll be using this thread to add more as I'm finishing them. Price will likely range from $10 to $35, but fear not!! You can have cute ones for cheap!! ~ First up: Autumn Deer/Unicorn! Second: Black Kitten quad/sona! So far, only...
  8. StormyyMcMuffinChops

    Traditional adoptable deer

    Ahoy, I know traditionals don't sell as easily as digital but here we go anyway! I have an adoptable deer for auction at the moment Watercolour painted More information and the auction can be found here: www.furaffinity.net: Deer Adopt Auction [Traditional Ref Sheet] by StormyyMcMuffinChops...
  9. yomidraws

    Metal Wolf-Hybrid Adopts

    So I did some themed adopts I'm really happy with. Those designs are all named after some of my favourite metal songs and inspired by those! More details are over on my furaffinity post: www.furaffinity.net: Metal Wolf-Hybrid Adopts by yomidraws
  10. Noir Gladia

    Deer Centaur Boy Adopt [Set price]

    www.deviantart.com: [ADOPT] Sound of ancient worlds [Set price::OPEN] www.furaffinity.net: Sound of Ancient Worlds by noirgladia His deer half is more like a fawn body but with more muscle at the chest to hold the human half, and his horns are mature elk horns. His horns, tail, and right arm...
  11. V


  12. WorldofEniv

    Magic Lives Here - World of Eniv

    Note: As I'm selling something, and the adoptables start at $5, I thought this was the best place to put this. If not, I'd appreciate some feedback from a moderator :) Today is the big day! The ARPG I've been working on, World of Eniv, is finally going live. We've got accounts on...
  13. happysparrow

    Deer-ly Delighted to Meet You!

    Hello! I'm not only new to FurAffinity but to the furry fandom as a whole, so please forgive me if I mess up any lingo ! : ) Other than an interest in furry fandom, I also like reading (specifically Stephen King), drawing, gaming, watching anime, cosplaying, and raising animals. My fursona is...
  14. MoguMoguArt

    New Deer OC

    Hii all! I came here to seek help from the experts on drawing anthro characters. You see, i draw human females regularly and i don't draw anthro that much (although i'd love to get into it more) Now, i happened to do an art prompt involving drawing whatever prompt the fursona generator gave...
  15. AnnOnimiss

    A wild FURRY appeared!

    I'm always so stoked to randomly see couples in fursuits. San Francisco is truly a magical place! I had a question though, if you were out on a date would you mind if someone asked for a picture? Etiquette wise I try to just stay out of the way, even if I am bursting with questions. But if...
  16. xcuteikinz

    Pink Haired Female Deer Adopt

    This is Rosetta. She is up for auction. Starting bid is $10 With purchase, I will provide you the uncensored image without the watermark, and a reference sheet for her tattoos. You are able to make small changes to her design or rename her. For $30 more, I can add a full reference sheet...
  17. SootTiger

    Soot's Art Thread

    For myself ----- I've been really getting in to Twitch so I've been practicing emotes and such. [Not sized to the correct standard for Twitch.] ----- Some adopts and their emotes. This adopt's base was not made by me. I wanted to link it just to show it with the emote. ------ A...
  18. SoniatheSquishy

    Looking For Advice on a Fursona

    I'm trying to draw a reference image for a new Sona, I have a head, but that's all, and I can't tell if it'd be better to draw them more feral or more anthropomorphic, especially given my "style". This is a character I drew before who I'd say is more "feral" as someone else described it to me...
  19. AkashRed

    [OPEN-Auction] Christmas Adopt

    Hey! I put this adopt to Auction- SB : $15 Min : $1 AB : $40 -Rules- > you can choose the name (will be add on the refsheet) > Minor marking edits allowed to suit your comforts and interpretation. > You can Choose colour of blood > You can resell it. > Serious bidders only > You cant claim...
  20. JimonyCricket123

    help me create a fursona! im pretty uncreative and need help!

    Hi my names mark , and i'm new to the fandom. I'm pretty uncreative and need some peeps to help me create my fursona. im thinkin of a deer or a wolf! -thanks