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  1. lichcrow

    Big Character/Designs Giveaway

    Giving away some old characters/ designs I made in middle school, first come first serve, you can change the info/designs/species however you please once you've claimed! Pronghorn, iguana, fox, and bird anthros HERE! (non-sexual nudity content warning) lineart from here Pronhorn anthro: OPEN...
  2. spaceybrains

    My deersona

    Feel free to share your fursonas too!
  3. Sharklore

    Flatsale Deer Adopts [OPEN, new added!]

    Click here for the FA sale link! 3. Savannah Price: $25 5. Custom Price: $45 Click here for the FA sale link! 2. To the Moon Price: $20 4. Actual Alien Price: $20 Click here for the FA link! 1. Extraterrestrial Price: $20 ★ Rules ★ I only take USD offers, and they must be by means of...
  4. J

    Small deer boy looking for RP

    I'm a small deer boy looking for a RP with anyone doing anything. I'm quite small and submissive but you don't need to be dom or anything - literally looking for anyone, no matter the gender, role, species etc. :) It would help to have a RP in mind beforehand but it doesn't matter if you don't...
  5. Saturn Galaxy

    Adoptables between 7.50 and 13.50 USD!

    I have quite a few adopts open right now! Here's the images and links to the posts on my page Tropical Gush Slime Gator - 13.50 USD Cloudy Dragon - 13.50 USD Marbled Dino - 8 USD Deer - 13.50 USD Mythical Adopts - 7.50-8 USD I'd prefer anybody interested in these to click the...
  6. dozenfish

    Undead skullhorse adopts!

    View on Furaffinity The first round of skullhorses is restless and ready for new homes! They are $35 each. Please message me or comment on the gallery picture if you see one you like! I can also do custom characters on this base for $35 + $5 for each novel gene. A - open B - open C - open
  7. kinkshameyeti

    $20 Sketch Commissions! SFW/NSFW

    Hey! I'm doing some sketch commissions! FA profile Email/paypal: kinkshameyeti@gmail.com Here's some of my previous work (this is what you can expect): And this (NSFW) This is what to expect and what I'm willing to draw: SFW or NSFW (this includes fetishes and gore) Black and white sketch...
  8. AD3496

    Selling all my characters

    Hey there guys, It's been awhile since I have posted. Yes you read the title correctly, I am selling all my characters. Why? Well I won't get into the reasons but they are cheaper than previously. So please I beg of you to take a look and consider. My prices are flexible but I do have a minimum...
  9. khoufu

    Beginner (Deer) Tail Clearance! $25 or less

    Hi! So, I have a bunch of leftover fur from Joann's that I'd like to get rid of in the form of cheap tails. I'm still rather new but I'm confident my tails will hold up. I have white, black, and 2 shades of brown of varying quality available. I'm mainly selling simple deer tails but other types...
  10. Wynst Draws

    Someone to do full body (nsfw) on budget

    I just recently joined FA (hello world) and I am looking for someone to perhaps do a full body nsfw of my oc, which all I currently have of are some rough sketches and ideas. Only reason I specify full body over bust/waist is oc is male so obvious reasons are obvious. Anthro male white-tailed...
  11. Seduce

    Selling Character CHEAP

    FOR EXACTLY $13 THROUGH PAYPAL! >>>> Sonya Curtis on Toyhouse <<<<
  12. OhThatDeer

    My deer fursona!

    Hi! Sharing with you the full reference of my deer fursona! Here you go - www.furaffinity.net: Huge ref for my baby. by OhThatDeer Thank you!
  13. HoneyBonnieBunny

    Starry Night and Blushing Pearl, *Auction* OPEN

    -PayPal only! -Auction ends 24 hours after final bid -Minimum increase bid: $1.00 -Trading is fine, but please do not resell -Please credit me the first time you use them! -Feel free to change small details such as eye color, or horn shape. Starry Night AB- $20.00 SB- $10.00 Blushing Pearl AB-...
  14. littlebambi

    New artist here!

    Hello, I'm fairly new to this site as well as the furry community in general but i heard that this was a great place to make friends and meet other artists so i decided to join! i've been doing art for a while now but furry art is still a bit new to me bc of the differences in anatomy and...
  15. JesterKatz

    Feedback for Deer Girl WIP (Digital Sketch)

    I have recently submitted a WIP of a deer girl I plan on making into a 3D model. I'd like some feedback on her so far, and help improve the quality, at least as far as digital sketches go. I'd like to actually make a better effort to my reference pictures, as the quality of the pictures will...
  16. spaceybrains

    Rate my fursona

    They are agender deer who likes video games, drawing, and sleeping in www.furaffinity.net: that me by spaceybrains
  17. AD3496

    Characters for Sale

    Selling Darcy the wild adventuring Jerboa! She originates from Egypt but she loves exploring all of the world, going on adventures and seeing the world for what it is. The big beautiful globe. She often wears a white cotton t-shirt with a pyramid on it, with the word home scrawled underneath...
  18. M

    I'm new I guess

    Just saying hi. Don't know if I'll regret being on FurAffinity. Guess I'll find oooouut....
  19. C.Y.AN

    Well, I forgot to do this. Yello.

    YES I MISSED A FULL STOP IN MY USERNAME. KILL ME. I'm a volunteer firefighter from up in the hills, down under... (We call it the CFA here.) feel free to ask anything, I can't imagine making this without expecting to answer a few questions. Recently became more active in the fandom, feel like I...
  20. Stalagmike

    3 slots

    +Just ask +Paypal Please +Icons 10$ +sketch 15-25$ +lineart, color 20-30$ +shading is 5$ + any complicated detail you might want might be extra, such as complicated armor, lots of hair (bayonetta), etc. +i also like to draw non anthro type stuff, nsfw examples catch me at...