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  1. orum

    Different adopts for sale 5-20$

    OPEN ADOPTABLES You can find my other artwork here: Userpage of orum -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Payments only through Paypal. To buy any of them note me on FA or make a conversation here. I also do custom adopts on any of theese bases for the same price. Cats, 6$ each. From left to right: 1...
  2. Ninitard

    All adopts for sale! Between $10 -$25

    Hi hi again. I'm wanting to clean up my adopts so I'm reducing the prices . All pictures aer down below. Here's the prices of them. Pink,black and purple tiger : $20 Caramel Blossom(pony) :$15 Strawberry Cheeks (pony) :$10 Pink valentine's pony: $10 Deer : $20 Blue hybrid pony (not alicorn) ...
  3. luxdreamer

    I woke up feeling like a sad trombone

    I'm not sure why but I do. And it is really messing with my ability to focus on practicing my pixel art. So what I was thinking...maybe you lovelies would be kind enough to show me some cute and/or funny pics? ;____;
  4. luxdreamer

    So I made my icon blink (advice?)

    Does it look smooth enough to you? Would you change anything? Add details, etc? I would really like a second opinion!
  5. luxdreamer

    Oh Deer. I'm new.

    Hi there. I'm Lux and as you can guess I am new here. I've had furry friend's for years but I never really had an interest in anything furry related until recently. With this newfound curiosity towards everything fluffy I am going in full force! I made a fursona recently and have fallen...
  6. Hiff

    Hiff's Plushies, Premades, and Adoptables for sale thread!

    I'm dedicating this thread to any plushies, premades, and adoptables I have for sale! Paypal only, please! Contact me here, or on DA to purchase! For my commissions thread, please check here! Plushies Peryton - $50USD + Shipping Materials: Minky, polyfil fiber, polyfil pellets, safety eyes...