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  1. Chairae

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: OTA DemonInk Adoptable (OPEN) - AB 53 euro

    You can offer money and art AB: 53 euro AB2: 90 euro (comes with a tight up illustration and a chibi, examples in the comments) T r a i t s - Horns: Legendary (3 horns) - - Wings: Legenday - - Tail: Legendary (multiple tails) - - Ink color: Rare - T.O.S. - I'm willing to wait max 2 months for...
  2. batforbashful

    My First Official Fursona!

    It's Bashful the Bat Priest <3 Hope you guys like it!
  3. habanniro

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Selling anthro [$55] and demon [$60] adopts

    CURRENT LISTINGS CANDY DEMON //listing on dA: https://www.deviantart.com/habanniro/art/OPEN-CANDY-DEMON-SETPRICE-819154651 ANIMAL X RPG CLASS //listing on dA: [OPEN] ANIMALS x RPG CLASS -- SETPRICE by habanniro on DeviantArt -- CANDY DEMON DESIGN [60 USD Paypal] Design #7 [OPEN] Info...
  4. G

    New to site- Art Dump-NSFW Content

    First time posting, not sure if it'll look good or not. This is some of my work. I do commissions and am a comic book artist. My DA link for more work: All by GoblinGrimm1 on DeviantArt
  5. Faustus

    Free Art: Demons and Deities Challenge

    I've decided to challenge myself for Hallowe'en. Please read carefully - this is quite a specific challenge! As many people will know, modern Hallowe'en is all about spooky stuff, scares, monsters, mayhem and things that are bad for your teeth. As some of you may know, this is a modern...
  6. D

    Hiring: looking for a Nsfw artist who can do feral and anthro $50-100

    Looking for someone to make a combination feral/anthro character. looking to take my OC and have him NSFW half transform, almost demon or monster looking. I will want to see examples of your work just to see your style and experience have had some issues/misinformation/disappointments in the past.
  7. Memainc

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [Adopt/CLOSED] Humanoid Demon - SB $60usd

    [Auction/OPEN] Sassy Demon-Adopt by Memainc on DeviantArt THIS GUY IT'S READY FOR PARTY!! Includes two extras! one chibi and a bust, they'll be revealed after the owner receive the file. SB: $60 usd MI: $5 usd AB: $170 Owner: You'll get: -The .psd file a full resolution -Full body -Chibi...
  8. Phase2

    Request: Fluffy, toothy demon boi

    Would anyone be interested in doodling this little fella? Lurid on Toyhouse his teeth are large in his mouth. he likes to hang from tree branches from his tail. he also has a problem with staring at people with an expressionless face! he rarely stands on two legs. but if he does, he looks...
  9. Phase2

    Hiring: SFW creepy demon oc - 30$ limit

    hey there. I am looking to commission this character: looking creepy, being creepy. just something... the pose is very flexible. Would just like to see him in someone else's style. 30 dollar limit more references: https://toyhou.se/4814642.lurid
  10. Deathless

    Free Art: Bring on some Demons

    I wanna sketch some demon characters. I'd prefer male/androgynous characters but I'll do female characters as well! I don't plan on drawing everyone but plans do change. Just gimme your best demon characters and I'll have fun with them! I'll do both human and animal based demons! Here's some...
  11. Kyoukiaoitatsu

    Request: Birthday Request: Mirror Demon

    My birthday is coming up on July 10th and I'd like to pay a gift forward to my partner for always being there to help me. Here is their character which is lacking in true art. I put him together using gaia avvy builder. Looking for some art for him thanks! Name: Immerse aka Haishen Species...
  12. tealteeth

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Demon adoptables! SB:10USD AB:30USD

    Hey! Made some demon adoptables! Hope someone here likes them. I accept only money via paypal. You can make any changes to them if you win. You will get the original file without the watermark. The auction ends 25 of June. Demon 1 Starting bid: 10USD MI: 3USD AB: 30USD Demon 2 Starting bid...
  13. B

    Who’s the most powerful movie demon in your opinion?

    There are no shortage of demons in movies. But which one is the most powerful in your eyes?
  14. Olsie

    Critique: Need Anatomy critique

    Hey there, looking for a constructive critique/ redlining on the anatomy of my two new guys! They don't have names yet but I've paired them up. The arms are bugging me the most and I feel like their poses are kinda stiff? I wonder how I could improve on it, thank you for any feedback :D
  15. Olsie

    (Commission) Selling: Demons to furries, demon furries? Oc/fursona/persona Portraits starting at 20USD!

    Hi there this is Kimber on FA, I hope I'm doing this right, this is my first time signing up in the forums and I'd like to promote what I can do for you. I'm in a bit of a rough spot with finances and would like to offer my skills to pay the bills (and spoil my furbabies) I've been doing...
  16. Ekeios

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $35USD flat feline adopts

    Hiya I'm just here cuz I have some adopts I've been tryin to sell! Each are a flat $35 USD, which I will accept over paypal only. First come first served; please PM me on FA to claim! Larger image sizes are linked in the characters' theme title ! "Fallen" "Cinnamon Sugar" "Love Sick"
  17. ShovelNose

    Oh hi Mark!

    Hello there this is my first post to the forums and I am nervous? I want to give a good first impression but the truth is I am a pervy little stoner that's super into hairy demon ladies. There! I said it! >_< Frankly I don't know where else to go with this micro/macro gentle femdom futa...
  18. N

    randa's recent art dump

    yeehaw it's been quite a while since i've actually talked on here, so imma just drop some of my recent works that i've done <0/ put them in spoilers bc they were huge images-- beware, some are human and furry art :0 Here's some random OC art n whatnot, some are from comics I'm trying to...
  19. noxity

    Black Friday Portrait Sale

    I will be accepting these up until midnight the 23rd, est time! Send me a message or email on my website: www.ndl.design
  20. KaePotassium

    (AUCTION) Demon Adoptable

    Trying out opening this adoptable auction and see if it goes well so I can make more of them. - You can do whatever you want with the adoptable once it's yours. - I will note you a copy of the image without the watermark once you have paid for the adoptable. - Auction ends 48 hours after last...