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  1. F

    Adoptable 4 - 25$ Open Set Price

    25$ Usd for these adoptables~ (+fees unless family/friends method is used) OR 70$ for each Adoptable + full body shaded commission Owner of adoptable has full rights to the design/adoptable art I just ask you don't claim the art as your own
  2. GraySkies

    Oni Dragon OTA

    Hello all! I designed a new bab recently and he's currently ota! Money offers only (although I may consider money+art) at a 40$ minimum! Please help me find him a good home!!! www.furaffinity.net: Akuma (Ota - Open) by GraySkies I also have a few remaining Pride Adopts from last month if...
  3. N

    2018 Redesigns

    So I have two sonas of mine-- Randalieren, my main sona and Oz De'Grace, my other sona that's more of a character-- that I absolutely adore and I just redesigned them both recently. i love them both ;w; (will give info about them if asked)
  4. N

    y e e t

    ok, i'm not really new, but it's been like 5 million years since i've posted here. What's good my dudes, my name is Randalieren, but people call me Rand or Randa. I'm a college sophomore and a digital artist of 11 years~ Age: Unknown (18 going on 19) Species: Cat/Shapeshifting Demon/Incubus...
  5. TwelveWounds

    Demon Adopts for sale!

    Hello! I've made a few demon adopts for those who like demon boys. I've only sold 1 so far. Looking to sell the rest. My only concern is that you do not add any body parts onto them. (Like boobs) -- as I may make a female sheet in the future. All of these are $25 usd. I'm leaving them...
  6. Raptorart

    Furry/ Demon/ dragon hybrid auctions

    I have catgirls, bunny girls, and demon/ dragon hybrids all up for auction I have some examples of whats up for sale below Link to all the auctions is on here--- RaptorartStudios - YCH.Commishes thanks for your time!
  7. frizzled

    Adoptables: $5 ea

    Putting these guys up for adopt $5 USD each, Paypal only I really like their designs :3 Will update if adopted Message me at Userpage of frizzled -- Fur Affinity [dot] net if interested!
  8. koha-chan


    cute demon - auction!!^^ www.furaffinity.net: GLOWED ADOPT [AUCTION OPEN] by kohakuasato www.furaffinity.net: GLOWED ADOPT [AUCTION OPEN] by kohakuasato www.furaffinity.net: GLOWED ADOPT [AUCTION OPEN] by kohakuasato
  9. O

    human + 2 chibi anthro adopts open

    fataliteas.deviantart.com: ADOPT : Familiars : ShiShi [OPEN] fataliteas.deviantart.com: Chibi Adopts: {2/2} I have two different auctions up! That would be nice for people to look at! ;v; I have the first one up and open on furaffinity also!
  10. P

    First Chapter of Accidental Roomates is up!

    Just letting everyone know the first chapter of Accidental Roommates is up on my FA. I have enjoyed writing it so far as a break from other projects! If you have the time, please leave me a comment on what you liked about it, what can be changed or whatever. Reviews make progress!
  11. AkashRed

    [OPEN-Auction] Christmas Adopt

    Hey! I put this adopt to Auction- SB : $15 Min : $1 AB : $40 -Rules- > you can choose the name (will be add on the refsheet) > Minor marking edits allowed to suit your comforts and interpretation. > You can Choose colour of blood > You can resell it. > Serious bidders only > You cant claim...
  12. Nifsara

    Humanoid imp OC

    Greetings! After having spent half a day searching (and mostly failing) for artists and finding their queues to be closed, I have decided to reach out through the forum. By "high-end" I mean really high-quality artwork. An example of this would be what InCase produces. My budget for a...
  13. Yoon

    #JapaneseDemonCoyote ~

    My first attempt to make an anthro one ~ Hope you like it! <3 What is allowed to offer: MONEY POINTS NOTHING LESS THEN $15! You can see more details here: adop-dop-dop.deviantart.com: #OTA AnthroDemonAdopt [OPEN]. ALL THAT YOU BUY IS MEDICINE FOR ME! EVERY CENT IS IMPORTANT! THANK YOU!
  14. vanilla-bean

    Cute Adoptable Water Demon For Sale! 17$ !!

    a little demon character I made this afternoon! I hope to send this little cutie to a good home. * 17$ USD (through paypal only) *You can pick the name, age and gender/sex If I can sell this one, I may make more?? Maybe more elemental demons.
  15. M

    Seven Deadly Demons group

    I want to be part of a group of friends that follow each other and occasionally draw our OC's together (SFW or NSFW) PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NSFW 18+ I figure we could each have a demon that represents the seven deadly sins! Mine is Pride, he's egotistical and self obsessed, obviously, haha~...
  16. A

    Succubus / Demon Adoptable - Please help

    I know it's not that good -- and honestly it's a few years old -- but I'm selling this succubus/demon character. I'll probably be making more, this is somewhat of a test run. Rules: do whatever you want him/her/them, but don't claim credit for him/her/them. You can resell or trade or whatever...
  17. Erhena

    It is my... art ♫ (Thanks for the music Bones Jaw'ies )

    Hi Every one ! I'm hope you are okay :D ! So i created this tread to show you my works and to have some advices ! So this is some work with my Neya (white wolf half demon and angel) ,my Elie (my steampunk wolf ) ! and Lucius (grey fox and poxy's OC) Lucius and Neya - Japanese estampe Elie...
  18. minny

    ATC Sale, Pinups, Masks, & More

    Hello, everyone! First and foremost, if it's not an embedded picture, I'd like to warn you that any link you may follow in this post may (and probably will) take you to a page that will show NSFW content if logged into FA proper. I'm running a sale on full-color single character Artist...
  19. 1992Bronco

    $8 Characters!

    I have permission to everything listed, including their art My girlfriend and I are getting a puppy and we want to get her a few toys! Both are $8 Knox: (c) Collide Comes with a headshot and pose both (c)Collide permission granted for everything Meph: art (c) juicebox received from Deku...
  20. gaz-monster

    Adoptables for sale!

    FA: furaffinity.net/user/gaz-monster DA: gaz-monster.deviantart.com Tumblr: gabbu-art.tumblr.com ----- Hey guys, I've got a BUNCH of characters looking for good homes! Please check them out if you're looking for a new OC/sona! Prices will be listed alongside the images. These are not...