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  1. gaz-monster

    Adoptables for sale!

    FA: furaffinity.net/user/gaz-monster DA: gaz-monster.deviantart.com Tumblr: gabbu-art.tumblr.com ----- Hey guys, I've got a BUNCH of characters looking for good homes! Please check them out if you're looking for a new OC/sona! Prices will be listed alongside the images. These are not...
  2. K


    I did it. You guys. I did it. After 15 years, I finally created my first fursona. I want you to meet Sealed Venom. Sealed is a dual-formed demon that has taken the form of a male lynx. While Sealed is in lynx form he is built slender, lithe, like a muscular dancer with white fur and deep...
  3. TastyTriss

    Selling some characters!

    I've been struggling for a while to really connect with any new or old OC's of mine. This and the fact that I could really use the money brought up the idea of selling off my characters to start with a clean slate! So yeah. I have multiple characters for sale, ranging from kemono types to...
  4. Rivalawless

    Auction Character Design + comes with lots of art

    www.furaffinity.net: DESIGN/CHARACTER + ART for AUCTION(OPEN) by CreviceOutlaw You can read about it all on there. Basically she's a wolf with a demon form, she has almost around 30+ art pieces that I can gather upon the winner of the auction. She starts at $15 and if she hits $50 I will be...
  5. BunMuffin-Adopts

    Ruach (Closed Species) and Anthro Adopts

    New and original Species currently up for auction! Please read: Ruach: Adoptable Guide and Terms and Services. I am also open to Customs. Please PM if you're interested in ordering a custom. Price varies on the rarity of traits. Can be anywhere from $10 - $50 Ruachs are a Closed Species...
  6. A

    YoaGai (Closed Species) Adopts

    Customs and premades of my new original species, YoaGai, for sale! You can see more about YoaGai in the species reference, here! Please reply here or PM me if you're interested in a custom! I also have some premades for sale: First set of YoaGai adopts! Just something quick to test the...
  7. Z-Mizz

    Favorite Shin Megami Tensei game (Spinoffs included)

    Just curious if anyone else in the community plays games from this series and which are their favorites. I love all the games in the series and have played most of them, but my personal favorite has to be SMT3: Nocturne. The reason is simply because it's, in my opinon, the most challenging game...
  8. oh-sehet

    Demon Adopt Batch #1

    Hello~~ This is my first batch of demon boy adopts!!! The bid ladder will be on DA and FA! So If you are bidding be aware of what's happening on my DA, I will notify you though so no worries! DA LINK:http://evolbones.deviantart.com/art.....ch-1-598668746 PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE!!! - Minimum bid...
  9. SoulEevee

    Canine / Feline YCH :OPEN: 4/4 - by SoulEevee99

    If you want to buy it, please, read the rules: -Only canine/feline character -Payment is via paypal in USD -I'll do proper shading and lineart. -Accessories, clothing can be added. -I start drawing only after the payment. Thanks! Examples: www.furaffinity.net: Evil Gaarinka by SoulEevee99...