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  1. Bluefiremark II

    Give the user above you a new height.

    As the title says, give a new height. So say I'm 6'7", then you could say oh.. 3ft 1In. (3'1") you can be as big as you possibly want, even going beyond planetary sized, or as small as you want, microscopic even. Give the user above you a new spot on that spectrum that you think would be a...
  2. Rap Daniel

    Describe the signature above you

    ...In one to two words.
  3. Zehlua

    Describe your Fursona(s) in 5 Words or Less

    Blueberry Chocolate Disco Fairy Bat (Zehlua)
  4. Impulse-8

    How to describe kobolds to non-D&D people?

    "They're like the seven dwarves from Snow White, but with scales. And they don't sing. And they're an uneven mix of the Grumpy, Dopey, Happy, and Bashful dwarves."