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  1. potato-kun

    What are some fursona design trends you noticed?

    For me it's fursona's with light yellow or beige fur with teal or blue paws, tongue, ect.
  2. maruchanan

    Adopts [open 3/3]

    Set Price: $25 *comment to claim* 1- 2- 3- ✧ USD through paypal only (No echecks). ✧ Payment must be made within 24 hours, I will not hold a design longer than that. *If you ask me to hold a design and then back out/do not pay within 24 hours you will be blacklisted from purchasing designs from...
  3. S

    Weapon manufacturer "Red Alert" now available !

    Hey folks, have you ever wanted to break everyone's business in games and RPs alike (or break the games and RPs themselves) when you get decent weapons cheaper than you'd pay for a single bottle of health potion, along with free repair ? No ! Yes ? Fuck that ! Then you've come to the right...
  4. LuciferTheHyena

    YouTube Channel Art / Personal Logo

    Hi, I just got Photoshop, and had made a logo for myself. My gamer tag is cmMudkip, and I wanted a new logo so I decided to go with just the cm. I also love to film so I made a camera and hid a CM in the logo. My friend liked my work, and wanted some YouTube channel art, and offered to pay for...