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design commission

  1. cowboykidd

    (Commission) Selling: $20+ Design Commissions!

    Howdy, everyone! Welcome to my custom design thread. Below are some examples of designs I've created. You can see even more under the designs section on my Toyhouse profile. I can do any species, but I'm currently not taking commissions for humanoid designs. PRICES $20 - Front...
  2. Kaiser Wolves

    [Hiring] Looking For Fantasy Artist For Creature Design

    Good day! As the title of this post suggests, I am in need of any artist with a knack for fantasy and loves creature design to creature an in depth break down of the anatomy and behaviour of a creature from a story I am currently writing. The creature itself has already been designed, and...
  3. GrumpiestBadger

    Commission for Arcanine sona - $35

    Hi there. I'm looking to commission someone to design an Arcanine sona for me. Design can be either anthro or feral. My budget is around $35 but I can go higher. If you're interested please post examples of your work below.
  4. VincentTheServal

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) 5$ ON BASE CUSTOMS + premades available

    Hey guys! I am in need of funds and am offering on base customs! They will be done with one of these three bases: (credit + permission to use https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34783216/ ) From left to right they are the puppy, rabbit, and cat! Please specify which one you would like when...
  5. OverFurry

    Hiring: Custom/Character Design to Description | Artist found

    Edit: Hi there all, I currently have a couple of artists already chosen out and they are each making a version of the character described, I will be moving forward with whichever is closer to my preference. If by some fluke neither is to my liking then I may come back here and try out another...
  6. Spalshpaws

    (Commission) Selling: Slightly desperate Character art and Design commissions! Between ( 15$ / 70$ CAD )

    Hi! I'm Splashpaws and I've been having horrible luck with job hunting and i'm super desperate to make a little bit of money off of some art commissions. If you can't afford to buy any of them its okay ! but if there's anyway to get the word out for commissions it would be much appreciated...
  7. L

    Armed to the Teeth !

    Straight to business, folks. I'm offering weapon-designing commissions for all your lovely OCs. What I WILL draw : Melee weapons (sword, axe, hammer, mace, pole-arm, dagger, etc) What I MAY draw : "Fist" weapons (knuckles, claws, katars, etc) What I WILL NOT draw : Firearms What I offer ...
  8. 2DFIEND

    EMERGENCY custom design commissions starting from $5 (80% off!)

    Hi, everyone! My name is Celine, and I'm currently 15 years old. I really need money ASAP, because I should be able to reach my goal ($50) before February 15th. Because of that deadline, it means that I have less than a month to collect the targeted amount of money, I have discounted the price...