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design fusona comission

  1. C

    Hiring: Seeking Help with Fursonas/Furry OC Designs [$5-$80]

    Greetings! So, I'm pretty new to the whole furry community. Been fascinated with this stuff for a long time, but recent events gave me lots of time and I decided to be bold and take my first steps here. Hope to meet others, make friends, have fun, roleplay and whatnot! Still learning all the...
  2. XionMonro

    (Nsfw) Want to design or adopt an anthro mare

    Looking to either design or adopt an anthro mare, I am a skilled digital artist but not good at designing characters for my self. I'd love her to have certain features such as hooves for feet, and fetlocks, equine styled female parts, glasses, and smaller breasts. She's kind of nerdy, about...
  3. eriiberrii

    New Fursona, Requesting Design Art

    I'm new to the community and I don't currently have any art of my fursonas. I've never commissioned art before, but I now have the funds to be able to pay for art so I figured I'd start here. I'm not very familiar with the lingo so please bear with me. I'm looking to get some art that can be...
  4. Cioze

    Fursona Designs

    www.furaffinity.net: Reference sheet for Saylor (NSFW) by Cioze www.furaffinity.net: Secondary fursona Felix Snowpaw! NSFW REFERENCE!!!! by Cioze I will do design commissions (more info on my page: www.furaffinity.com/user/cioze) They start at $30