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design help

  1. Asderat

    Are these colors available in fur?

    Hello all! I plan to get a partial or full-suit made of the character displayed here. I know that fur colors are largely limited; I'm finally really satisfied with his design and would feel bad changing it. However, I know that his pallet has a large variety of grey shades that may or may not...
  2. R

    Any Non-Binary/Genderless furs? and if so What kinds of Clothing can you wear to express yourself?

    hello! i was wondering if there was any other furs out there who identify as non-binary/Genderless? I am! And if so i'd like to ask, What kinds of clothing styles, or clothing do you wear to express your identity? I'm having a hard time finding things to wear to look how i identify as. Have an...
  3. Murderhorse

    New character opinions?

    I made him kinda basic, but I like him! His peach golden eyes are the most important part! Help me design him, add some quirks, likes/dislikes and personality traits below, a well as your opinion on his design! (Base creds in pic)
  4. Tendo64

    Re-design Help?

    Hehe, usually I'm the one giving design advice but even I have my sticky situations... Custard on Toyhouse This is Custard, I adopted her a few days ago and I'm looking to make her anthro because I personally prefer anthro characters (duh, I'm a furry). Problem is, however, I'm a picky eater...
  5. sylvanaris

    Tips for creating a visually distinct fursona?

    I've been thinking about redesigning my cat sona since I kinda rushed into it the first time and I don't think I'm fully happy with how they look. Before my sona was a generic dark brown feline, but now I think a tawny Ocicat with spotted tabby markings would look quite pretty. This would mean...
  6. TheUnyeetableLizard

    (Closed) SCP based fursona art and design

    I know my account is new, and I'll understand if some are paranoid about letting me comm them. I had an account before but I couldn't remember the email I used to make it. (It's ok I was weird back then). I decided to come back after an idea seized me and I wasn't able to shake it off for over...
  7. SonieTheDog

    Redesign, what one's better?

    Alright, so I'm not one to have "all matching characters" but I have noticed a general design trend in all my characters. One character in particular, HoneyGather, breaks this trend. She just doesn't fit in. I don't want to get rid of her, so it's time for a re-design! PLEASE READ BEFORE...
  8. Sunburst_Odell

    Some Design Assistance?

    Yet another thread tonight. This actually isn't about my 'sona but is about a character of mine from the same universe, Laila. But OCs and fursonas are pretty similar so into this forum it goes because it seems to fit here best. Laila, at the moment, is an assassin, but I was never sure what...