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  1. Altairsky

    (Commission) Selling: I'll draw or design you a fursona starting from 20 EUR

    I can draw any species, from animals to dragons, dinosaurs or hybrids. For this sale, no multiple characters together in the same picture. For multiple characters, refer to my regular prices! Contact me by sending me a note on my Furaffinity page (preferred) Userpage of AltairXXX -- Fur Affinity...
  2. Lighterium

    (Commission) Selling: Lighterium's Commissions [$15- +$35]

    CAN do Humans - Normal or fantasy humanoids Furries - Rarer furry species, ranging from all animal types. Ferals - Fantasy or realistic depending of animal. Terms of Service: www.furaffinity.net: Terms of service -- Lighterium's Journal Contact: - Note me at: Userpage of Lighterium --...
  3. Lysirell

    Making a fursona for a friend. Opinions?

    Well, i'm using a base for this one (as i did with my fursona), because at the time i still suck at drawing. Though, luckily, this lynx design looks better than my own fursona IMO, and i don't even know how i made it, but i'm really proud TuT What do you think about the design? Should i make...
  4. fraggingforflapjacks

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Leviathan/Sea Dragon design $40

    Buyer agrees to: -Not remove my signature -Not alter the lineart -Not sell or redistribute this design -Place proper credit when in use. Purchase includes: -Jpeg of full size reference sheet -png file without color scheme (if different colors are desired)
  5. Bonkothebat

    Hiring: Looking for an artist to make a swf refsheet of a complex OC ($80 USD- $100)

    Hey I'm for an artist who can make me a ref sheet of my OC Hex with all the usual stuff (a few headshots, front, back, and side view, outfit view, accessories (skulls made out of different gemstones and his cane), close up of markings, and a view where his is in his other form). I will have to...
  6. Dreammaker33

    Fursona Design advice?

    What do I need to do to improve the design of my character? Current design of Melisa.
  7. Ringebell

    Art Trade: Want a new OC?

    I'm in the mood to design and want some art of my characters. So why not combine these two? I will draw a chibi ref like this or this. (You can write what you want included, if you write nothing it's gonna be a front and back view.) But before I begin, I need some information from you. 1. What...
  8. enotaca

    Sketchbook: Enotaca's Species Design/Concepts (Free to use)

    Hello! I'm pretty new to FA and furries in general, so I'll be posting my species designs here in order to flesh out what kind of style im aiming for as well as coming up with personal ideas of how to draw certain species of anthros, especially focusing less common species! Mind you, these will...
  9. Axolotilus

    First Fursuit design UNUSUAL SPECIES advice??

    Hey guys! I'm thinking about using this design to make my first suit. Soleil the Moth Dragon. I know the design is a bit unusual so I was wondering if anyone had any advice for possible pitfalls I might encounter with the design? I have never made a suit before but I have done sewing and...
  10. Ringebell

    Art Trade: Someone wanna design a pokesona?

    I can offer anyone from this folder: Ringebell on Toyhouse, someone from this folder: Ringebell on Toyhouse or a Fullbody drawing. Pokemon that I'm interested in: Charizard, Wigglytuff, Mewtwo, Mew, Luxray, Shaymin, Zorua, Zoroark, Emolga, Tyrantrum, Sylveon, Torracat and Zeraora There are...
  11. Moon_Artisan

    Game Art College

    As some as you know, im a college student in Game Art! Here is a piece i did for class! Hope you like it!
  12. P

    Bra for Bat/Wyvern type character

    Hey all. I'm new here and have a question regarding bat and wyvern style characters. Since their arms double as their wings, at least with how I'm drawing/imagining them, how would the females support their breasts? What kind of bra would work if any?
  13. Saltamor

    Open commission. Half realistic, cool style. You will not regret )

    Hi:) I'm open to the commission. I draw everything and can fulfill almost any of your orders in excellent quality :) My works you can see on the link below :) My prices are very flexible, write to PM for clarification. If the prices are too high, I can pick something more suitable with low...
  14. skeletonizedskull

    Which character is the most appealing/interesting?

    So I drew up some characters for a thing I'm doing, and I'd like to ask you what the title of this thread asks of you: "Which one appeals to you the most?"
  15. The Matte-Black Cat

    I have the Easiest fursuit design! (looking for New suit makers)

    (I hope this is the right spot for this..) Despite not being very social, I still go back and forth as to whether or not I should get a fursuit and enjoy a couple of fur meets and such.. The main thing stopping me is (Obviously) the price..I currently can't shovel out $1000 for a suit.. On...
  16. rainsku

    Hiring: Need Help With Character Design

    Hello! So lately I have been looking for someone to help me out with a design for my fursona. Her current design (by myself) can be found here: www.deviantart.com: Hana | Fursona Reference 2019 Requirements/Ideas: I'd like her species to stay relatively recognizable as a Shiba Inu. My general...
  17. Wap

    Plantigrade vs digitigrade

    Hello. What are your opinions on plantigrade vs digitigrade feet? What would your pros and cons for each be? Note: this question only makes sense for animal-like feet, not so much for human-like feet. While i was trying to draw a rabbit or a mouse character (EDIT: and a kangaroo) and i was...
  18. EylonFerrousa

    Hiring: In Need of Snow Leopard - Budget of 100+USD

    Looking for Snow Leopard Male General Budget 100 USD General Requirements Digital Art Fully Detailed Ref Sheet Semi Relistic Art Prefered Any Physical Items must be shipped -------------------------------- Customs Budget 200 to 250 USD Custom Requirements Digital Art Fully Detailed Ref...
  19. artwithka

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: |OPEN| Adopt Design Auction #4-5

    Auction - www.furaffinity.net: |OPEN| Adopt Design Auction #4-5 by artwithka or www.deviantart.com: |OPEN| Adopt Design Auction #4-5 Rules: Starting Bid - 25$ Min Increase - 5$ Auto Buy 60$ - You will get the full version of the file without a watermark Auto Buy 2 - 70$ - You will get the full...
  20. MuuMuu

    Cow goes moo

    So I've mostly seen tutorials for how to make canine/feline type heads, but I gotta ask: How does one go about making a bovine/cow type head????