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  1. A

    Design help/Is this Too Weird?

    Hey guys! I'm really new here and I have a few questions regarding the design of my first anthro sona. Okay so here's what I've come up with so far: They're some weird amalgamation of horned lizard, bearded vulture and spear nosed bat. Is this Too much? Would I be better off picking a single...
  2. Protonite

    Questions regarding my fursona's design.

    So uh, my fursona is a Rabbit - Wolf Hybrid (weird, I know) and I'm having trouble designing it. I'm not sure which features to make more rabbit-like and which to make more wolf-like. I need help. ^^" Thanks in advance!
  3. RoiylTea

    AUCTION: Humanoid Anthro OPEN

    Click Right Here!
  4. N

    Character design help?

    So I'm having an issue with a couple of characters I made and since this is a furry place I'm wondering if anyone here could help me out? Recently I've made two characters named Thatcher and Finley, and they're based off two characters from a weird fanfic I wrote a long time ago. These two...
  5. supermint

    AUCTION: Biker Shark Chick Design (LAST DAY)

  6. deertrot

    SELLING OLD FURSONA! (120 pieces of art)

    Serious offers only please, I've had several people back out due to not being able to gather funds. Here is all of her art: sta.sh: offer? not for trade I'm looking for $250-300, however I'm willing to take as low as $200; if you decide to purchase on the higher side, I can draw a reference...
  7. Diterkha

    Gem Dragon Auction!

    Hello! I'm new on this forum, and I would like to start with showing you my Gem Dragon Design for sale :) Link to the auction and information: www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] Pearl - Auction by Diterkha Starting Bid: 15 USD Minimum increase: 3 USD Autobuy: 80 USD Auction ends 48 hours after...
  8. Caraid

    CMYK-themed characters!

    I had a lot of fun designing these, here's hoping they'll go to good new owners! ;) The auction: www.furaffinity.net: CMYK Character Auction OPEN by Caraid
  9. Rivalawless

    Auction Character Design + comes with lots of art

    www.furaffinity.net: DESIGN/CHARACTER + ART for AUCTION(OPEN) by CreviceOutlaw You can read about it all on there. Basically she's a wolf with a demon form, she has almost around 30+ art pieces that I can gather upon the winner of the auction. She starts at $15 and if she hits $50 I will be...
  10. Lirkov

    Some design ideas I'm looking for my comic

    Hello! My bf wrote a script for science fiction comic and now I'm doing pages ('cause he's a Mark Rothko in art). The script is fully ready, most of the pages are sketched... But I need some help with some design ideas (like scales color etc) I anyone is interesed in helping me with that I...
  11. terriblebeast

    husky girl design!!

    im auctioning off a cute husky girl on my FA, so take a look !! link
  12. terriblebeast

    manticore adopts!!

    i've been trying to sell these for a while now! They're $20 each but I would be willing to haggle down to at least $15 if you need to ~~ ((#2 is already taken, however)) here's the FA link if you wanna comment there instead!
  13. Peaches-and-Dreams

    Fursona design [closed]

    Hello! I can near completely visualise the character I want in my head (an anthro Pomeranian-deer hybrid) but I lack skills in the art department I have PayPal and am willing to pay as well as references (though limited) for what I want the face to look like! Very new to the fandom so I'm sorry...
  14. StickyCrop

    Illustration and Design (NEW MLP Anthro Option)

    Hey peeps. I've been around doing commissions on and off for the past several months. I have a selection of styles to choose from and am more than happy to experiment with trying new ones if you want it done. I am open to any and (almost) all themes and scenes. On my FA page you can see some of...
  15. MostlyTeeth

    Looking for Commissions

    Hi. I'm a bit new here. I only really realized the world of Furries was a thing the other day. Well, I knew, vaguely, but I didn't know it was so big (and friendly). Funny thing is, I've been drawing furries since I first read Redwall back in the 90s. Since those years, fursons appear in my...
  16. A

    Help with Character Design (Budget 25$)

    I am looking for an artist to help me with creating a character I had in mind for a long time. The character itself will be a mixture of following species: Feline (Big cats), Bear/Ursine and possibly smaller fragments of other species. However as I do have only a rough idea and nothing very...
  17. symph

    Design auction and flatsales

    This character is up for auction SB is $15, bid here! www.furaffinity.net: character auction OPEN by Cobaltt Base adopts, lines are by rekuuhh and slightly modified by me. Bat: www.furaffinity.net: White bat - offer to adopt by NeonDart Fennec Fox: www.furaffinity.net: Fox girl...
  18. Sleepyly

    Character design

    Im trying toimprove my sona drawing, the expressions are going well but i cant make a body for him. Any tips or comments?