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  1. concubus

    (Commission) Selling: ❤️ emergency commissions!! nsfw + sfw (10$++)

    hey! i REALLY need money right now, i just moved into a new apartment with my mom and we have limited wifi, basically no food and no furniture at all. she gets paid biweekly so it’ll be another week before we can even get real food. i haven’t had a proper meal in days, haven’t eaten at ALL today...
  2. Owleri

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Open Adopts! ($12-40)

    Posting some designs I currently have available! Info - Feel free to comment here or PM me directly to claim! - If you'd like some additional art I can offer commissions at a 20% discount when purchasing the design, Commission Info. -Once purchased designs will be transferred into your...
  3. julievee

    Trading|For Arts or Designs

    I am looking to trade/sell any of the designs below for: Art or other designs of equal quality and value. Please post which design you are interested in and the design you are willing to trade for them or examples of your art style. Thank you!! I accept combination offers or you can also...
  4. pinkyandclyde

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: ibizan hounds! [$10]

    Hello! I'm new here. Expect a lot of sighthounds. - please don't resell my work. gifting/trading is okay. - payment through paypal or venmo. - each babey is $10 - i will send full size file once paid :0)
  5. Cultro

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Custom Designs! (10$-30$)

    Custom Designs Basics Custom on Base Custom Design on a F2U-Base. The choice of the basis can be made by the customer or left to me 10$ Custom by me Custom Design with Custom Outlines by me 15$ Add-Ons + rear view/double-sided reference - 5$ + Headshot - 5$ + Fullbody - 10$ +...
  6. vampyric

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: flatsale anthro adopts [$10-$40 USD] + NEW base packs [USD/points]

    hiya, i've got some cute designs up for grabs! cute is my speciality! >:3c i will take paypall, cashapp, or venmo for any of these! ~ flatsale: (FA submission) fluffy cows! all still open, $25 USD each! (FA submission) yandere gray fox girl - $40 USD (insert filler image here) (FA...
  7. pameloo

    (Commission) Selling: HQ Adopt Shop [~$30-80]

    #1 Cranky Alchemist OPEN #2 Ninja Cat CLOSED #3 Red Panda Warrior OPEN Set price $80 each 1. Fast-footed, he uses a slingshot to pelt people/prey with icicles and rocks. $40 or best offer 2. Not blessed with the quickest agility, he uses ice crystals in his gauntlet to slow enemies before...
  8. Keykaye

    Soda/Drink Themed Sonas and OC's

    Hey I'm just being a curious sort and would like to see other folks soda or drink themed furs. I myself am making a soda themed hyena, and got my curious if there are other soda yeens, or anything soda related species that arent sodaroos (those are totally aweseom too, pocari fanclub!)
  9. The Matte-Black Cat

    I have the Easiest fursuit design! (looking for New suit makers)

    (I hope this is the right spot for this..) Despite not being very social, I still go back and forth as to whether or not I should get a fursuit and enjoy a couple of fur meets and such.. The main thing stopping me is (Obviously) the price..I currently can't shovel out $1000 for a suit.. On...
  10. julievee

    Request: Offerings for Artist Inspiration

    I have a plethora of characters up for being drawn. I love to help artists find inspiration as well as helping to advertise my favorites. And of course I love getting new arts for my brain children. Seeing them in all different styles. Since I can not always afford to commission art because of...
  11. julievee

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Needing Funds/Selling Designs

    Currently saving money for downpayment on 1st time home. Please have a look at these various designs. Thank you! Or if you can't grab one. Maybe consider throwing a kofi my way. Every donation I will draw a flower for you as thanks! [Warning: Image heavy] The Don (tosa dog) $100usd Gallery...
  12. Proximasaur

    (Commission) Selling: Customs

    Contact me: Deviantart | Furaffinity | Toyhouse - No NSFW/mature content - Please don't pressure me, it may take up to two weeks due to school starting again (be patient, I make sure to finish every commission I am commissioned, when I can't do something I always refund) - I can't do deer...
  13. Asher Grey

    need opinions on character designs(for new webcomic)

    Hey guys, after some stuff that's happened, I can finally work on mini webcomics. I don't want to use personal OCs, since the nature of the comics is fairly communal(we have a discord server where folks can throw in any ideas and input). We already have the protagonist, Jay, a squirrel whose...
  14. julievee

    Car Emergency!! Selling Designs

    Car Emergency Update! I need some help please. Me and my partner's car is in the shop and it's a source of secondary income. The dealership is refusing to honor their warranty even after we have provided all maintenance reports necessary and now have to purchase a lawyer. I can't work due to a...
  15. Ciderfine

    Inspired imposters

    Not what your thinking but here's my catch. Have any of you ran into someone who you thought was someone else, say a noticeable artist with a character or a style, but turns out they where someone who had heavily based their character off someone else and while not being the person you thought...
  16. Kouji

    OTA - 2 Males: Canine and Feline

    These two boys are OTA, see page for details!!! CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE
  17. Ambriel

    What are some fursona species you want to see more often?

    The more uncommon, the better! Feel free to share your own uncommon furs as well. I've always wanted to see more cow, goat, and deer characters. Monkeys, apes and other primates are welcome, too! There's a lot of untapped potential in their species variety.
  18. PixiuDraws

    Pokemon Hybrid/Fusion Customs and Art!

    (Sort of a dire situation so a better ref sheet will be put soon) For a better view, check here- sta.sh: Pokemon Hybrid Commissions (OPEN) The sketches are a BASE PRICE (7 and 5 usd), everything else is just added on. So a sketch from a reference with color and soft shading would be 10 usd...
  19. Cooleoptera

    5 dollar anthro designs

    I'm selling these lil' designs I made for fun!!!! 5 USD and you can claim one as your own OC <:
  20. julievee

    Fems and Femboys! Ref Sheets ($6-35)

    Bases are credited to: A-Moon-Called-Levira Outfits done on: Doll Divine Coloring and design creations are done by: Me Prices: Customs Full shaded Reference: 35 includes ( 1 nude front/1 back/1 outfit) Breakdown 12 per view shaded. 6 per-view flat colored. Full Reference premades Auctions...