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  1. Pyruus

    Hiring: ($75+) CLOSED: (75-100$) Looking for desktop background

    It's been a while since I've wanted a new piece for my sona, and I've made some minor changes to him. I'm thinking I'd like a desktop background, preferably realistic or semi-realistic, with him in front or near a log cabin in a snowy forest at night. It's lightly snowing, and one can see the...
  2. F

    Desktops vs. Laptops and Phones

    The rules are pretty simple: If you're on a desktop add 1, and if you're on a laptop or a phone subtract 1. Posting multiple times in a short time frame is allowed. I'll start: -1
  3. N

    USB freezing system on new PC (and other USB issues)

    So I built a PC (it was my first build) a few months ago. It's a Windows 10 system. It's been fine for the most part, running fast and everything, but I've had one problem with it that seems to maybe be getting worse, and that's mainly with the USBs. A couple times now, seemingly randomly, when...
  4. Toby_Morpheus

    Share Your Desktops

    Just recently rediscovered Rainmeter, so I decided to mess around. This is what I came up with...
  5. I

    Post Your Desktop Wallpaper; Share with the Class

    Looks like I couldn't bump the one-pager from 2012 even if I wanted to, so here's a brand spankin' new thread. Have at it!