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  1. folvaen

    (Commission) Selling: Folvaen's Commissions! [$12-250+] - Furries, humans, digital paintings, lineart, and more!

    Welcome! This price sheet is a simple breakdown, I've also done chibi icons, environment pieces, hand drawn animations, animated icons, 3d model textures, and stream assets before! I also have a public queue here! This is also where you can find my TOS...
  2. M.Rockatansky

    (Commission) Selling: 30% OFF FOR FIRST 3 BUYERS // High Quality Artworks by M.Rockatansky // 0/2 slots available //

    W E L C O M E . T O . M Y . T H R E A D I offer high quality commissions. From sketchy concepts and simple headshots to detailed visualisations and large environmental scenes: I'm excited to hear about your ideas! M Y . P R I C E S Here is my current price list. The numbers listed are for...
  3. Zenkiki

    Detailed Story Partners Sought

    So its been a while since I've sought after someone because things have been going fine so far. Currently I am looking for people who want to make a long descriptive story with. I'm looking for anything from 4 sentences+ of quality over quantity. A person who can write just enough detail for the...
  4. Mandyrez

    (Commission) Selling: Detailed Artpieces (25-100$)

    Hello everyone, my name is Mandyrez! I'm currently opening up commissions to help out with my future stomach surgery. Or rather, what happens after my surgery on the 24th of February: I'm going to be on medications for the rest of my life and some of them are pricey. So! Commissions are now...
  5. W

    Big Stallion/Zebra looking for a longterm literate roleplay

    Howdy, the name’s (Name), one of Santa’s retired Reindeer. Ain’t that sumthin... Anywho, I ain’t actually a reindeer, fooled ya... but I did actually fly Santa’s sleigh, trust me. Santa’s operation was a massive Fleet of helicopters and planes that were called reindeer to keep up with...
  6. Vunukiis

    Hiring: (Closed) Looking for Artists

    Hello there! I am currently looking to commission from an artist with decent prices that makes detailed anthropomorphic character reference sheets. The maximum price I'm willing to pay is $170 USD. I expect the reference sheet to take a maximum of one month to be drawn. Keep in mind that I may...
  7. Zenkiki

    I'll write a short story.

    I'll write a short story for anyone, as I would like to have a topic to work towards. I have a problem with writing my own story at the moment so I would like to see what others can give me and in turn hope to maybe get commissions after a few story's to get my reputation up. I prefer female...
  8. Zenkiki

    Looking to start up a group for a D&D story

    I am wanting to try to start a d&d group to get some cool stories out there and I have been wanting to do one for a while but never was able to get into a group. So the best way is to make a group and be the DMas I love to lead stories, most are really good if I can get enough detail from the...
  9. Maro

    Fully detailed painting-YCH auction (NSFW)

    Hello! I have a new YCH auction open. Examples of my style: The auction is for ADULT ART NSFW under this link www.furaffinity.net: YCH-2 characters 1 slot-Digital painting-OPEN by MAR0 My clean gallery: Userpage of Maroko -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My +18 gallery Userpage of MAR0 --...
  10. V

    Commission for OC Custom D&D Race Half-Illithid Half-Elf [Now Closed]

    I am looking to commission a reference image for a Homebrew race of mine for D&D. A basic idea for the appearance in terms of a reference source, think an Asari from the Mass Effect Franchise as they appear to the player, except the tentacles on their head can grow out much like hair and are...
  11. AndyD

    --AndyD's Commissions--

    --AndyD's Commissions-- Detailed work For the commission write me a note Userpage of AndyD -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My sketch and art thread forums.furaffinity.net: Sketchbook: - AndyD art and sketches Slot 0/3 My auction portfolio.commishes.com: AndyD's portfolio
  12. Leok64

    Unique Adopts (detailed) [$10-30/Paypal]

    Heyho friendly People, I want to sell this 3 anthropomorphic guys. The story of the 3, can be changed: -Radioactive Yellow, is a Crazy mutated Hyena from Tschernobyl with 3 Arms and a cyborg arm. -Flame Red, is a Columbian Dragon with Fire Problems so he uses his Flamethrower. -Jay Blue, a...
  13. GreenGiraffe

    Commissions (SFW, NSFW from sketches to detailed)

    Hi everyone I’m digital artist and I love to draw characters! I love NSFW and kinks too but see the exceptions! Commissions are open! The Examples are here!~ Click to see the fullsize! (don't mind the prices here see the ones below) Colored sketch Face - $7 Bust - $12 Fullsize -...
  14. MrSilverFox

    Closed - Hiring for Graduation Piece - $60-$120 - SFW

    **EDIT: I appreciate all of the responses! 8D I look forward to going through all of the posts made and evaluating who I think would be good to take on the task. I appreciate it all!** This May I will be graduating college and I think it'd be a great idea to drop some money on a full body...
  15. albana-the-dragoness

    30 USD IA

    I take iron artists, fixed price is 30 usd per characters, if you want nsfw it is 60 usd per character! Finished version will look like: www.furaffinity.net: Siun by Albana-the-dragoness I will be taking 5 slots for now. HOW TO ORDER: Simply send me a note either here or on fA with: -reference...
  16. Sapphis

    Marmalade Dragon [[ OPEN ]]

    sapphis.deviantart.com: Marmalade Dragon .::. OPEN .::. All Information is on the DA page! <3
  17. KV Studios

    Anyone want to trade?

    Hey! First time in a while being in a thread, I hope I'm not doing anything wrong... Anyways, my art trades are open! I'd rather draw anthro, four-legged fellers and humans are a bit difficult and I don't want to give you a stick figure man instead of actual artwork. On the topic of skill and...
  18. ColdSoul


    Hello! A brand new commission sale is on! Last time it was my pen and ink commissions and I had so much fun with those. Now I am doing a sale on my detailed character portraits which can be done in pen or graphite AND on white or grey paper. These commissions normally cost £80-£100! But am at...
  19. HeartBunny

    Sketches, Flat Color, Cell Shade, Detailed Shade, AND Comics!

    I am open for commissions! Please follow the link to see my prices. Commission Info for HeartBunny -- Fur Affinity [dot] net If you would like a commission, please email me at heartbunny@outlook.com. Thank you!
  20. LupisDarkmoon

    3 Slots Open: HQ portraits and more!

    Hey there folks! This is my first time advertising on FurAffinity, but seeing as I love drawing furries, I'm not sure why I waited. I'll be taking three commission slots this time around, with the potential of more as time goes on. Aaand here's some info! ------ Animation Example My Gallery...