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  1. KitKatChunKiss

    Kit's Commissions (Starts at 5$)

    Update 07-13-2018: New prices and styles available University is done for now, I have the summer off so I'll be opening commission slots. My commission sheet (tell me if the link don't work plz): More samples at: Userpage of kitkatchunkiss -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Feel free to message me on...
  2. G

    Open for Commissions! Anthro, NSFW, or anything you'd like!

    So I'm a young artist wanting some commissions! First of all, here some examples of my artwork~ molyholy36.wixsite.com: jaysartgallery (SFW!) molyholy36.wixsite.com: jaysartgallerynsfw (this is NSFW!) My prices are almost completely negotiable! Starting from 20$ and up. Make an offer...
  3. werewolf-kun

    Commissions OPEN !

    Limited time offer ! Buy one commissions get the second 25% off !! Hello all ! My name is Werewolf-kun, and I am looking to take some commissions ! I offer a wide variety of commission types, and can do both feral and anthro. Before I get into what all I can do and the prices for everything...
  4. Meowmixx101

    Moondancer Adoptable Auction

    Hi everyone! She's looking for a good home. Full info and bidding is in this link: www.furaffinity.net: Dancing Moon Auction by Meowmixx101 Starting price is 80