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  1. TheRabbitFollower

    Free Art: FREE Chibi art request raffle on Twitter + DeviantArt!

    Join both raffles, and get two chances to win! Here's the twitter link! Here's the dA link! https://www.deviantart.com/therabbitfollower/journal/Free-Chibi-Request-Raffle-862557626 And here are some examples of my past chibis!
  2. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Favorite childhood theme song question

    Posted here by permission from Wcher999 of DeviantArt Wcher999 User Profile | DeviantArt : What TV show theme song from your childhood still puts a smile on you face even today? Here are a few of mine:
  3. Itamiko

    Taking Discounted emergency Commissions

    [Emergency Sale] Discounted Commissions by SaltandSpice on DeviantArt please go have a look at the original post on DA for more information ;-; If you would like to contact me otherwise, please use my Discord Itamiko#9609
  4. Jacob Bender

    Back on DA

    Im back on Deviantart: Sorry for inactivity on Fur Affinity but I am on DA Again -- DJLAUNCHPAD22's Journal
  5. K

    Furry artists that have seemingly vanished

    This thread is a bit oddly specific, I must confess. I was reminded of an artist I used to follow back in the early 2000s today after stumbling across some of her art by coincidence. She went by the screename of Kahvie on DA, she later moved to paintedadelaide until suddenly disappearing around...
  6. wemon

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: setprice adoptables ($5 - $25)

    i dunno how this works bc im new here? sorre if im doing smth wrong ?? but i have some open adopts right here if you feel like taking a look :'0
  7. dogryme6

    Main Site So, about FurAffinity...

    It's been down for a while now. The coding in it isn't that great. If it's gotten itself into corrupted loops, who's to say it won't do it again? Sure, the site staff and admins are trying their best to resolve the issue, at least of it being down. But it doesn't seem like it really takes much...
  8. MiYeon

    (Commission) Selling: July Commissions Sale! $5-$20 (NSFW, Ref Sheets, OCs, & more!)

    Original Commission Journal: DeviantArt Hello Everyone! I'm officially opening commissions for the month of July! I'll accept requests from FA & DA so don't be afraid to hit me up! If you want to see some examples of my work, check here: L0VEN0TE's DeviantArt Gallery --- Types of...
  9. Jaderall

    (Commission) Selling: JADERRAL'S COMMISSIONS [$5-$35]

    please see my commissions journal on deviantART at this link! There you will see prices and examples. Please also contact me there if possible as I will be more active than here!
  10. TheRabbitFollower

    Animated Request Raffle: ENDS TOMORROW 12PM EST

    Figured I’d cross-post my raffle here before it ends. I’m accepting both human and animal characters, and while one winner will be randomly selected, two others will be chosen based on how much I like their designs. The winners will be given an animated portrait of their character of choice...
  11. A

    I write Stories on commission! Very open to strangeness!

    I've been writing for a bit now and I'm trying to see how I can make some money off of it I don't write one-pagers, so but my usual rate is $3 per page (can negotiate against bulk), so lets say $6 for 2 pages is my absolute minimum price. Anyway, here is my deviantart (My publicly available...
  12. Jacob Bender

    Deviantart space hopper art and story love thread.

    Again, I hail as a former Deviantarter so pardon my bursts of energy. I have been on fur affinity, but I am STILL getting used to sharing my passion of bouncing ball space hopper ball art and fan fictions in a fur affinity manner. I don't really know which category this goes in, but imma leave...
  13. Lord-Kiviniik

    Rate my Art!

    Ok so I've been wondering what quality my art is, and honestly I can't decide So here I am! Don't hesitate to roast me as long as it's constructive! But please keep it civil overall Full galleries DA : Lord-Kiviniik's DeviantArt Gallery FA (NSFW) : Artwork Gallery for Lord-Kiviniik -- Fur...
  14. Sinamuna

    [EDIT] Sinful Links

    DeviantArt: Sinamuna on DeviantArt Picarto: Sinamuna - Picarto FurAffinity: Userpage of Sinamuna -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Ferzu: Ferzu YouTube: youtube.com: SinamunaP
  15. clawstarz

    Any active art sites like FA and DA?

    I've noticed throughout the years of using DeviantArt and Furaffinity a lot, these sites have been pretty inactive. Mostly DeviantArt than Furaffinity TBH. I've tried to browse/search other sites like mentioned sites, however, they're mostly inactive/dead/etc. Or maybe my art sucks compared to...
  16. StarAngelWolf

    Which Community is Friendlier? FA or DeviantART?

    I personally think it's FA. The community seems a lot more friendlier than DA. Here are my pros and cons for both: FA PROS - Has a nice community, despite the art mostly revolving around just one topic (furries/anthros) and the like, there are many talented artists with diverse skills. The...
  17. Gem-Wolf

    Question about Sta.sh files

    What do people genually use Sta.sh files for on DA? My understanding is that Sta.sh files are not availble to the public unless you share the flie link, so just curious of the benefits to it. Also, I know that DA is every strict with its NSFW content, and I couldn't see anything in their...
  18. 2DFIEND


    this raffle is hosted over on deviantart!! like, anyone can join... the other baby is also up for offers! you can offer pretty much anything- in the same link CLICK HERE TO VIEW DETAILS
  19. SamashTommy

    Open! Little starry shop!

    Hi everybody!!!! Nice guy named Boddy wait you! www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] New adoptable guy named Bobby by SamashTommy Two candy adoptions for sale! www.furaffinity.net: Two candy adoptions for sale! by SamashTommy Two pretty furrydoogies! www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] 2 adoptable...
  20. CherryBombshell

    Art for art! Art for art!

    Wanna do a trade? I do! Slightly rendered sketch trades open! Posting some examples here as well as links to my DA and FA, just send a message on there if you are interested! Won’t be fully rendered like the ones in my examples but I would love to get some more furry or otherwise art for my...