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  1. Deathless

    Anyone into Demons??

    I don't know why but I've always been into the whole idea of demons/the devil. I wouldn't call it Satanism or anything like that but just the idea of a person with horns, goat-like features, wings, etc just appeal to me more than other characteristics. Just the "evil" look appeals to me a lot...
  2. Schneewittchen

    Halloween YCH [25$-45$]

    I'm selling these Halloween themed YCH's that range from 25$-45$ They'll all be done quick and in this style. There are no limited slots. I can draw humans or anthros, costumes can be changed but that will cost 5$ extra, 10$ if it is a super detailed costume. PayPal only
  3. nunyakibby

    2018 Redesigns

    So I have two sonas of mine-- Randalieren, my main sona and Oz De'Grace, my other sona that's more of a character-- that I absolutely adore and I just redesigned them both recently. i love them both ;w; (will give info about them if asked)
  4. Grimm Hund

    'Special Trinkets' Poll for your Sona

    Hello! Short intro here for me to say I'm a writer. I'm doing a new piece and I need a general idea about something. It may seem like an odd question, but please answer honestly. >> One fateful day, a stranger visits you. This stranger is very unsettling as if his appearance strikes fear into...
  5. junkyardflower

    adopts available !

    here are a few adopts i've had stored away for a bit ! none of them are claimed and are ready for the taking ! either comment here or PM me to claim ! red devil // $15 usd feathered dragonness // $20 usd unicorn babe // $15 usd this is a flat sale not and offer to adopt. purple doggo // $20...