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diaper fur

  1. Band1t

    Anyone down for some Babyfur/Diaperfur kinda rp?

    Really just looking for a long term partner for now. Preferably SFW and someone whos semiliterate. Any gender accepted too! Ciao!
  2. Horatio Husky

    Three Strikes And You're Out! | Comm

    Richard didn't expect his feelings for his gym buddy to grow as quickly as they did, and certainly not to the extent of the kinky relationship that he had in mind. I mean, chastity cages? Diapers? Sub/Dom play? A rough cop like him isn't into those kinds of things... or is he? Find out just...
  3. S

    Diapercritter artist

    Hello! I'm wondering if any diapercritter artist is interested in drawing art for me? It would have to be free since I'm low on money. If any diapercriter art is willing to draw art for me, please contact me with kik: diaperboy3825
  4. Paintedfoxy

    ABDL furry space adventure story

    hiya! I’m creating a Furry ABDL story following the space adventures of My bunny Kyro Starwing. If you are looking for a story then head on over! I post new chapters every 2 weeks and will post new photos every month as I hone my art skills. I will be putting up polls for the next story arc and...
  5. X

    Diaper fetish stuff, etc...

    Is it even legal? To be honest, it kinda freaks me out. (If anyone wants to share their thoughts, go ahead and I'll be as non-judgemental as I can. I don't see the appeal, though.) I don't want to bring "cub" porn into this but that's another thing that just... bothers me. Anything that...
  6. E

    Just the D-Bar (Discord Server for Diaper-Furs/ABDL)

    Hello there, I've created a Discord server specifically for Diaper-Furs/Diaper Lovers. Though this server is intended to be a bit more mature than other ABDL-Themed and Baby-Fur/Diaper-Fur Servers, any may join. Politics are allowed. Swearing is allowed. NSFW is allowed in the specified...
  7. Paintedfoxy

    My first diaperfur

    hiya! Hope everyone is doing well! Im looking to get my fursona its first art and would love to commision someone. His name is kyro and he is a bunny. Im looking for full body, fairly simple stuff. I can give out details to anyone who is interested in paying in the $20-35 range. I don’t have a...
  8. Tytysi

    Discussion for Littles/Baby/Diaper Furs

    Hey there everyone! Fresh topic, fresh conversation, and fresh perspectives. This is a topic for anyone that identifies as a Little or a Baby/Diaper Fur to come together and chat, share art of their fursonas, and answer any questions that people outside of the community have for us. Some...
  9. Tytysi

    Any other Little/Baby/Diaper Furs?

    Hey guys! So, I've always had my one and only furry OC that represents me. He's a slender lion-mouse boasting confidence and athletic prowess. He's been my fursona for around 6 years now, but I've decided it's finally time for me to make a secondary, and what better secondary to have than one...