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  1. KrakenBite

    A New Life In SunnyValley | ABDL Game | [KrakenBite]

    Welcome to SunnyValley! What is SunnyValley? SunnyValley is a video game in which you can have a new beginning, a new life. From the player section you can choose 3 characters to develop your story, depending on which one you choose, your start in SunnyValley will be different. In summary...
  2. Horatio Husky

    (NSFW) The Curse (Diapers/Hypno/Furry/Braindrain) [Comm]

    When Dylan goes to find himself some entertainment, the donkey finds that tempting fate can have unforseen, crinkly consequences. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41482718/
  3. Horatio Husky

    (NSFW) Birds of a Feather (Diapers/Domination/Sub/Dom) [Comm]

    A shy owlet finds out that the intimidating horned owl he goes on a date with had him figured out much more than he expected. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38951862/
  4. Z

    Looking for kinky NSFW roleplay.

    Hey there! Im a pansexual 23 year old guy who is looking to roleplay with anyone and everyone! I dont require super long responses but do appreciate detail, so no one line responses please! I also dont want to be the only one running things. Im a submissive who typically plays either a girl or...
  5. J

    Abdl maid rp

    I’m Jax or jasmine I’m a female wolf into abdl, bondage and domestic servitude. I’m extremely submissive. I’m looking for a very dom fur or human to do a long term rp. Send any message or questions to Discord- ZJMT7098#5028 Telegram- bvb289698
  6. Horatio Husky

    (SFW) Another Day of Class - Chapter 1 [Trade] (Diapers/Regression/Wetting/Wholesome/Babyfur)

    www.furaffinity.net: Another Day of Class - Chapter 1 [Trade] by Horatio_Husky Another Day of Class - Chapter 1 [Trade] | SoFurry Another Day of Class [Trade] (Furry/Diaper/Wholesome/Regression/Wetting) - Another Day of Class - Chapter 1 [Trade] - Wattpad
  7. Horatio Husky

    (NSFW!) From Meetings to Naptime - Chapter 1 [Comm] (Diaper/ABDL/Hyper messing/Mind Regression)

    WARNING: VERY NSFW CONTENT AHEAD! THIS MATERIAL IS 18+ ONLY! DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE UNDER 18! DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are adults. DISCLAIMER: This story contains explicit language as requested by the commissioner that some may find disturbing, viewer discretion is...
  8. Horatio Husky

    Notepad: (SFW/ABDL) Matilda the Bear - Chapter 1 [Comm] by Horatio_Husky

    FA: www.furaffinity.net: Matilda the Bear - Chapter 1 [Comm] by Horatio_Husky SF: Matilda the Bear - Chapter 1 [Comm] | SoFurry Wattpad: Matilda the Bear (ABDL/Hypnotization/Bondage/Diaper) - Matilda the Bear - Chapter 1 [Comm] - Wattpad
  9. Kleimander

    Looking for a rp via discord (diapers and bondage)

    Hello let there. I'm looking for a noncon diaper and bondage rp on discord with a cute furry, Digimon or Pokémon with story. If you're in my discord is DerKleiber#5397. I can play Dom and Sub but I'm more in the sun mood but this changes quite often
  10. D

    Diaperfur RP

    I'd love to do a diaperfur rp with someone! Discord is preferred! We can discuss things in private! If you have a discord leave your tag in a reply!
  11. D

    Looking for someone who can do a diaper art commission

    I'm new to FurAffinity and was wondering if anyone was doing diaper art commissions and could accept my commission idea. I was looking for a commission of a diapered Avatar Korra and Asami Sato from Legend of Korra. If you do commissions right now and are willing to do this, just let me know.
  12. Horatio Husky

    "The Hypnotist's Volunteer" (Hypnotism/Diaper fetish/Public humiliation)

    My newest story is complete! Come and check it out! www.furaffinity.net: The Hypnostist's Volunteer [Comm] by Horatio_Husky
  13. S

    Diapercritter artist

    Hello! I'm wondering if any diapercritter artist is interested in drawing art for me? It would have to be free since I'm low on money. If any diapercriter art is willing to draw art for me, please contact me with kik: diaperboy3825
  14. X

    Diaper fetish stuff, etc...

    Is it even legal? To be honest, it kinda freaks me out. (If anyone wants to share their thoughts, go ahead and I'll be as non-judgemental as I can. I don't see the appeal, though.) I don't want to bring "cub" porn into this but that's another thing that just... bothers me. Anything that...
  15. Horatio Husky

    ABDL/Furry Short Story Commissions!

    I've recently opened up commissions on my profile after my first successful short story commission! If you are interested in commissioning me, follow this link: Commission Info for Horatio_Husky -- Fur Affinity [dot] net If you would like to read the short story I have recently completed, you...
  16. L

    Looking for a descriptive Roleplay Partner

    As the title says, I'm currently looking for a descriptive roleplayer to do fun roleplays with. Primarily I'm looking for someone over eighteen, male or female who is very motherly or fatherly. As my name suggests, I am a fan of diapers. *I say, blushing a little as I say shuffle my feet with a...
  17. C

    Diaper Commishes OPEN AND DIRT-CHEAP!

    My fledgling foray into doing commissions is still ongoing. I mostly work with *BDL stuff, mind you, so if that doesn't float your boat, turn back now. My rules are in this journal: www.furaffinity.net: The Unthinkable: COMMISSIONS OPEN -- ClayMongoose's Journal Thank you.
  18. Nintendeered

    Bubbles Babyfur YCH

    I'm currently auctioning off a tiered YCH c: YCH Link: www.furaffinity.net: Bubbles! YCH by SugarPup SB for both gets a colored sketch If total bidding gets to $20 it will be lined and colored If total bidding gets to $30 the lines will be colored If total bidding gets to $40 it will be...
  19. W

    SFW Dragon Babyfur Refrence Sheet! Max $50!

    Hello! I'm wanting to commision someone to make a refrence sheet for a babyfur version of a pre-existing sona so there's already a ton of refrences to help you! The refrence sheet will have the sona and some of the normal babyfur stuff. Diapers, pacifiers, bottles, etc. Anyways the max I can go...
  20. Kleimander

    Looking for a Pokemon diaper RP :)

    Hi :) I would love to rp as a Pokemon which get forced to wear diapers. It can be every Starter Pokemon, like Charmander, Chimchar, Totodile :)