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  1. Horatio Husky

    Hello! Babyfur/Diaperfur Writer here!

    Just started writing! If you are interested, here is a link to the first chapter of a series I am writing! www.furaffinity.net: Scott's Remote | Chapter 1 by Horatio_Husky Don't click if you aren't prepared for ABDL content! Thank you!
  2. Ddestro

    ABDL/Fetish Comic!

    Hello everyone! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see and share fellow anthro Artists work! I Myself (Dayah) Have started and am working on a webcomic called night delights!!! www.furaffinity.net: Night Delights Chapter 1 Page 1 by DDestro This is my first ever time ever working with digital srt, so some...
  3. C

    Diaper-related CM

    I am considering something involving Cream getting babied by Tails and am wondering if anyone's up to the task.
  4. C

    Babyfur rp?

    Hi, I'm new to this, but I was wondering if anyone out was interested in a babyfur rp, not actual babies, but adult babies. I was also thinking along the lines of my character being mentally regressed....
  5. F

    Bad memory of previous artwork

    Has anyone seen or remember a picture on FA that was of a diapered Delphox, Chesnaught and Greninja? I made the mistake of not favoriting it at the time (about 2 years ago) and I cannot find the picture. I don't think it had any tags that went with it, and I can't remember the title, but I'm...