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  1. TheRabbitFollower

    (Commission) Selling: Discounted Commissions [Now thru November 26th- Prices Starting at $20]

    Now through November 26th, If you order an illustration with horror, halloween themes, monsters, blood/gore, or anything autumn focused you get the following discounts: Cel-shaded and copic drawings get 10% off Digital paintings get 15% off. I'll draw anything aside from intentionally...
  2. DeliciousClickbait

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions (from $30) SFW /NSFW any species!

    $30 Portrait $40 full body $60 couple -any species/gender -SFW or NSFW (any kink welcome) high detail - textures, lineless, shading and fine details like hair, scales etc Send me a dm here or on fur-affinity directly (prefered) https://www.furaffinity.net/user/deliciousclickbait999/
  3. I

    (Commission) Selling: Your Any Fantasy <3 $15-$70

    Your Any Fantasy <3 Read the description, please! Hello, my friend! Thank you for coming! Hope you have a nice day ^___^ It's a scetch, the result will look better <3 $10-$15 - Colored scetch $15-$25 - Simple shades, clean line $25-$35 - Colored, shaded, background $50 - NSFW version +$5 -...
  4. Amirrah

    Free Art Commission [Trading for "Likes]

    Hey all you wonderful furries! My 17 yo daughter, and fellow furry artist, has opened up five free commission slots for full body, full color art requests. She also has five headshot slots open. In exchange, she is asking for your support and your votes. She is currently in 2nd place in an...
  5. TheBlackRuby

    Hello to Everyone ^w^

    Hi! I'm Black Ruby.:D I'm on Furafinity from a pair of weeks, but I've just seen now the possibility to present myself here. I'm a digital artist, and I'm not gonna lie: I saw on Furafinity the possibility to promote myself doing the things I love. I'm writing a comic and I hope you'll like it...
  6. Dexil03

    (Base/YCH) Selling: HOLY DRAGON YCH (SB: 25$; AB: 65$)

    Hi! I want to report my auction. Rules and Prices:: Sb - 25$ AB - 65$ (additionally i draw a color sketch in full growth of any of your character) -prepayment -the auction will end in 3 days (June 8th) or with AB -you and i have a right to post a picture in our galleries -payment on PayPal...
  7. Puppijo

    Sketchbook: Puppy learn to draw.

    Hello. I see you guys like to share your artworks and stuff here. So I think it would be nice to hear some comments, advices (praises :}) and your opinions about artworks that I can produce xD Here is just some example of the artwork i made for this site. It is my simple OC. A lolita bunny...
  8. XenOrion

    (Commission) Selling: Fluff's Commissions Open ($10+)

    Heyo there! I'm Fluff and welcome to my commission thread! If you see something you like please send a PM! You can see my T.O.S here -> sta.sh: TERMS OF SERVICE If you don't find anything you like then thank you for stopping by none the less! I am open to slight price negotiations if need be :)...
  9. SamashTommy

    [Open] 6 anthro-babies auction (Closed Species)

    Closed species: things-tailed ! ☀*”˜ ˜”*☀ Auction: ☀*”˜ ˜”*☀ For each! Write name when you bid SB: $7 MI: $1 AB: 30$ Will be sold after 48 hours of the last bid. ╔═════════════════╗ ║ ❤ Rules ❤ ║:D ╚═════════════════╝ ►No resell ►You can change they names and clothes! ✷ Comment to...
  10. twocue

    Cue's Commissions

    Hey everyone! I'm taking commissions again and thought I'd advertise a bit. I'll post my commission sheet here, but you could also check my prices out here and there's also a commission form on there :D! (And if you are interested in catching some PWYW live streams you can check out my Picarto...
  11. ladyshalirin

    I continue to work on new oc

    Всем привет! Я уже показывал первые искусства на пушистых здесь, и теперь я продолжаю погружаться в своих персонажей и историю! спасибо всем, кто меня поддержал! это было очень важно для меня, я попробую еще больше!: Упс::) Я здесь: Страница пользователя ladyshalirin - Fur Affinity [dot] net ^^
  12. Aaron U Pictus

    Wild Dog Drawing 2017

    Drew this in the beginning of 2017. My sona Aaron Uldar Pictus the Painted Dog in a rather moody light.
  13. SofiMXD

    SofiMXD Commissions - digital painting

    Hey you guys ! :) My name is Sofi and I would love to do some art for you ♥ what can I draw ? ferals: canines, felines, birds.... I am open for trying new animals , just ask ( : payment is through PayPal in USD my work : recent examples 2018>> Updated price list : PRICE-LIST Terms of...
  14. Gela98

    Gela98 Commissions 5$-80$+

    Commissions are open ! hi everyone ^^ ! I'm new on this site but i decided to open my commissions this is always a good start right ? My TOS and commission info is here Some examples of my work: you can find me on dA, fA, Facebook and Tumblr. Feel Free to PM me here ^^! Ponies...
  15. Gela98

    Simple and cute Chibi for 5$ ! (and other commissions 2$-80$+)

    Hi ^w^ This time I want to offer simple chibi from my own base this costs 5 USD finished piece will look like these: more examples here and you can chose between few types of "paws" and expresion(I may add more types in the future) PAWS EXPRESSION Simple Rules - I accept only money...
  16. GUINoodle

    Digital Art Commissions Open!!! ($8-$30)

    I have all the information formatted in a tumblr post linked below, I will leave this thread open for any questions/concerns. COMMISSION INFO: I will keep this information updated as needed!
  17. BipolarWolfy

    Ych Commissions Starting at $10

    I will start off with selling one YCH headshot. i do have more if you are interested! Please stick to it being a canine. $10 Flatcolor EX: $25 Shaded +$5 Name Added YCH OPEN!
  18. C

    Inflation Bunny

    This my first Inflation art and I hope you guys like it! www.furaffinity.net: Inflation Bunny by Crazydaisy The link to my artwork
  19. SnowVampire

    Great art at Affordable Prices,My Commissions are Open!

    Hello If your interested please fill my form that is below the paragraph Price may change based on complexity I accept PayPal My email is snowvampire@outlook.com or note me on FA or DA (all the same user name snowvampire) FORM: Ref: What type of commission: Outfit ( if any ): NSFW or SFW...
  20. ColdSoul


    Hi people!! I am opne for commissions, I will do anything/try anything, even sexy commissions. Better with animals then I am with people but I will try my very best!!!You can contact me here, but best to do it though my account -https://www.furaffinity.net/user/coldsoul/ I can do...