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digital art photoshop

  1. ageathas

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Commissions open! 25-100 USD, Full pieces

    Hi! I got much time on my hand and little money, so I am opening up commissions again :) I can only draw in a semi-realistic or realistic style, but I can draw almost any OC in that style. Feel free to post your OC below with an idea for an art piece (sketch/color/shaded, scene/mood/expression)...
  2. I

    (Commission) Selling: Your Any Fantasy <3 $15-$70

    Your Any Fantasy <3 Read the description, please! Hello, my friend! Thank you for coming! Hope you have a nice day ^___^ It's a scetch, the result will look better <3 $10-$15 - Colored scetch $15-$25 - Simple shades, clean line $25-$35 - Colored, shaded, background $50 - NSFW version +$5 -...
  3. FaPlastilinka

    Digital paintings by Fa Plastilinka

    Hi everyone! My name is Fa. Just want to show you some of my artworks :) I love to paint fantasy characters in a realistic or semirealistic style. But I had never painted furries before my recent piece, so I can't call myself a furry artist yet. Anyway, I certainly want to nake more anthro...
  4. B455-W07F

    Critique on Possible Print?

    A few months ago I asked for a critique on a WIP (well, maybe more than I few months ago, considering the theme of the print series was 'Colorful Cocktails' for summer...) anyways, I finally finished the first print this evening, but it doesn't feel finished? Maybe its just me? If there was...
  5. Qwire

    Digital Paintings, Linework, NSFW and more! (Qwire's Artshop)

    G O A L B A R Hello there! Time to roll out some commissions to earn some extra money! If you are interested in a commission please feel free to message me here, email, or my old furaffinity. (That needs a serious rehaul.) About me as an artist. I work really fast. (Because in my industry I...
  6. Doodle Bunny

    Doodles' Doodles

    Hi everybody! I'm Doodles the bunny and I'm here to show off some art! My FA is here: Userpage of doodlebunny -- Fur Affinity [dot] net if you want to follow that. You can talk to me there or talk to me here. I'd just love to talk to you! Without further ado, here's some work I've done. Boop...
  7. L

    Lady's Digital Dungeon

    Hi! I have 4 slots open, and I thought I'd give it a shot here in the FA forums ^_^ Check out some of my art if you'd like : My favourite thing to draw are dragons :3 I can draw: -Your party, your players, your OCs, beasts, humans, humanized, sceneries, nsfw, fanart, furries etc The...
  8. SolDirix

    Critique on my most recent artwork.

    I was wondering if anyone can critique my latest art piece here: www.furaffinity.net: Guilt by Solid_Spy I tried to go for a basic colored image with a hard dark gray stroke around the character. The shading is what I seem to have a problem with. I don't know why, but it feels off to me. I feel...