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digital art

  1. NicoTheAlien

    (Commission) Selling: ★Digital Art Commission {SFW & NSFW} 5$ - 60$ USD★

    Hey everyone! This is my first time posting here and I hope we can get along! I'm Nico! a 23 years old artist/animator from Canada currently offering commissions! I mostly draw human, anthros and aliens/ creatures! I have a couple of slots open in both category so if you are interested, feel...
  2. desoiateangel

    (Commission) Selling: $5 - $20 Paypal Commissions!

    Hi there!! I'm new to FA and right now, I'm in need of money for a chest binder! [I'm nonbinary and I have dysphoria.] I also like having money saved for any stuff I may need or want in the future! Rules: - No fetish art. - No backgrounds. - Human, neko, and anthro only. - USD Paypal only. -...
  3. Queendin

    Illustration training - Sayo

    This is one of my fursonas (i have two), Sayo! It was just a training since i'm starting to learn how to draw without lineart! What do you guys think?
  4. Nero_Furry

    How to Improve your Artwork

    Hey, So I got an Art tablet ( Gaomon M106K) For my 21. B-Day. I started "Drawing" about 4 days ago and Today i started with the Pad. I used art Tutorials like "Jazza" or "Unimaginatively Imaginative" to get into the basics. I know 4 days is the absolute beginning but i made big progresses over...
  5. teacozy1

    Free Art: Pixel Practice~! (closed)

    Hey there guys~! I'm back at it with more pixel art. I want to try and push myself to do stuff like the example bellow. Stuff with a simple background and shading. For this I'll only pick a few people. Also please give me info about what sort of background you want. Remember its going to be...
  6. Zedgelord

    (Commission) Selling: $10-$15 Furry art

    Hi I'm Zed, Commissions Open! I take paypal! Chibi Commissions - $12.00 +3$ if you want a background more complicated than a solid color. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pixel Commissions-$10.00...
  7. PixiuDraws

    Cheap Icon Commissions ($5-$7) OPEN

    I'm experimenting with Paint Tool SAI, so I'm opening up some icon commissions. Examples of SAI icon: Example of my regular work: Artwork Gallery for PixiuDraws -- Fur Affinity [dot] net TOS: - For payments under $20, I require the amount upfront and will not start until I have been...
  8. rembee

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Art: 5 slots+ ($20-$125+)

    ℙrice List Sketch prices are half of fully finished prices. a4 unless otherwise specified. OCs or Fanart. Social media icons: $45 ($20 sketch) Bust: $50 Torso: $80 Full Body: $90 With a background: add $35 to the base price. Additional characters/intricate highly detailed work: double base...
  9. Cotton_Candy

    Free Art: Looking for requests

    I'm new in both fur affinity and its forums (I'm actually fairly new to forums and the such) and I'd love to get some request to both practice and fill my gallery. :p Thanks to any and everyone that's interested. ^w^.
  10. coinkisser

    (Commission) Selling: x

  11. teacozy1

    Free Art: Free head/ bust shots~!

    Back again to offer up some head or bust shots to people. I'll only be doing a few of them. So sorry if you don't get picked. Some of my examples are sketches so sorry about that. But you will get a fully lined and coloured head/ bust shot if you are picked. Examples:
  12. Kryxo

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH Auction - Animated Headshot idle || SB: $5 MI: $1

    Heyoooo I made an animation jazz for a YCH, the animation is somewhat inspired by the game Destiny Child. Hoping to be able to do full body illustrations next time :) ミ◍All auction info is right here◍༊*·˚ Animation YCH - YCH.Commishes Ends in 21h!
  13. Chilensisboy

    (Commission) Selling: 5 slots: postal size digital art $10-20

    sfw comms postcard size 10 x 14 cms 1 character 1 color BG Black and white 10 USD Color 20 USD the payment is vía paypal I will DM the info when I see your post :) so I can start when u deposit You must: pay upfront Give me some reference of the character have an idea of what you want...
  14. howyummy

    (Commission) Selling: sketches, busts $15 for humans, $20 for furries

    gonna get straight to the point. im tired of working slow (aka linearting) so bc of that, i get underpaid. i wanna stop caring about being perfect. so to remedy that, im opening up sketches. no shade. no transparency. just a solid colored background. it will generally be sized at 1280px by...
  15. Old World Bird

    Free Art: [open] Searching characters for illustrations

    Hello there! I'm practicing my digital illustration skills and doing a background challenge. But I also include some characters and stories into these illustrations, and thought that maybe some of you would like to sacrifice me your oc :D Example of my latest works. I'll keep drawing in this...
  16. AstroP

    (Other) Selling: Affordable Commissions! ($5-$30)

    Hello there! :) First off, I would like to kindly thank you for clicking on my thread by reading the title. Hopefully I can keep you interested,haha! Anywho, I'm Panty, a Digital Artist who's been a furry for two years now. I haven't dabbled in drawing my ocs in a while, I've just been on the...
  17. Sail_Ed

    (Commission) Selling: Carrotplush's Commissions $15-$80 USD

    Additional Characters are extra cost** DM me for details. I accept Paypal, Square. Payment is upfront. After a clean sketch for final three changes can be made. I hold rights to the artwork - you can print for personal use but commissioners do not have the right to reproduce, resell or alter...
  18. Chilensisboy

    Requests, come and get one.

    Hi, I havent drawn much lately, and want to upd8 my gallery and show my drawings here for you to know me, a little "exposure" of sorts, so that later I can open commissions. So post your references here, and I will do some poses and stuff, may be some coloring. those are some samples that I...
  19. LammyG

    (Commission) Selling: Customizable Reference/Character sheets! $30-$50

    General Info (Sheet specifics below): Payment available through PayPal/Venmo I offer sneak peeks so you can adjust as i work! Style is no object, I will adjust to suit you needs! Any breed Any gender Clothed or nude NSFW available, if that's possible to do. Contact me through: FurAffinity...
  20. spr-out

    (Other) Selling: Digital Commissions (Price range : 8 € - 85 €)

    Hello! I'm Sprout, a creative with 8 + years of experience in creating digital artwork. ・ Find my General info + TOS here. ・ Deviantart ・ Furaffinity. ・ Twitter ・ ・ I do nsfw artwork also, though mostly vanilla. Feel free to ask me about this! ・ I do humans and humanoids. ・ I won't draw ...