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digital art

  1. RangerReb

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Piebald Buck Adopt!

    Hello y’all! I really need some spare change for the holidays so I figure I’d try selling this boy I made. Buyer will receive a flat color file, a shaded file, and this file with the background. I was originally going to do an auction format, but that isn’t really working so I’m just going to...
  2. EhwazAzi

    (Commission) Selling: ($75+) Illustrated Pet Portraits in 24 hours

    Perfect for last minute holiday gifts! Reply or message me on FA @EhwazAzi or Twitter @ EhwazAzi TODAY for a 24 hour turnaround time. Limited slots available! Headshots start at $80 || Half-Body starts at $150 || Full-Body starts at $175
  3. Drag0n-PrincesS

    Sketch and loose painting commissions ($ 5-55 usd) *updated nov-dec 2022

    Greetings everyone, haven't used this place as much as I'd like, but hey there's always an opportunity! Right now I have decided to open commissions because the computer I own is a bit of big time potat, in fact it ain't even mine, I only have one working tablet to my name. But I am willing to...
  4. Blushroom

    New Here! Where my art friends at? :3

    Hi! New to the forum & FA, would love to connect with other artists and make some new friends. :3 This pen name is mainly for NSFW work, just a heads up. I love things like horror, comics, games, taking care of pets... I have a lot of those! I'm nonbinary, any pronouns are good with me. My...
  5. Irhileth

    (Commission) Selling: ☆Commissions Open ☆ Re-reloaded☆ [$17 - $62+]

    Hello everyone! For those who see me for the first time, my gallery is Userpage of Irhileth -- Fur Affinity [dot] net -------------------------------------------------------- I’m willing to draw Humans/Humanoids Furry Fan Art Nudity NSFW I won’t draw Extreme fetish/Body types Underage...
  6. Phase2

    Hiring: ($100+) LF NSFW artist (Humanoid) (Dark themes)

    Hey there! - Looking for 1 or 2 characters in a pic. Humanoid. - Either half body or full body. - with a background of some sort. preferably at least slightly detailed bg. - I am happily looking for any and all style types! I'm unsure if this should be considered gore art, but I am...
  7. AmaruArts

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) ・༓☾✧ AMARU'S - Affordable high quality adopts, YCHs and more! Any genders, species, themes! [10$-40$~] SFW & NSFW ✧・☾༓

    Hello! We are AMARU, a co-op digital artists account, featuring Kyan and Millleart! We work together side by side to bring you guys affordable, yet high quality, semirealistic artworks! Mostly YCHs, Adopts and some bases as well! And we also have some freebies here and there. Price range...
  8. cinsyrly

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Taking icon commissions!

    Hi there! I am looking to make some bust icon commissions. Price: 15 USD for flat colours, 25 USD for shaded. Payment via PayPal, after sketch. Examples (behind spoilers): If you are interested in a commission, please contact me on Telegram (@ cinsyrly) or email me (cinsyrly@gmail.com)!
  9. Dragon-firy

    Sketchbook: Firy's artworks

    *Nervous inhale* (this post has been sitting for days) So.. Hey everyone! Guess what, I'm having the guts to finally publish some of my artworks, aimed to improve my skills, get advice (if you have any, of course :3) and in general work towards my goals to become a full time artist, making...
  10. ScourgeFeather

    (Commission) Selling: ScourgeFeather's Digital Commissions: $10-$55+ [OPEN]

    Hello~ My name is Scourge, and I am a freelancer open for digital art commissions. I do both anthro and feral, including fan characters, mon fusions, etc. My example sheet is here! COMMISSION EXAMPLES AND PRICES If you want more examples of a particular type of art or want to see how I draw a...
  11. Librho

    Art interest check

    I’ve been making adopts for a while now and wondered if my art was finally good enough from a clients pov for Commission work? is there enough interest in my style? is there aspects of my style/skill level I should work on first? how much would you pay for art like this? (I know my charging...
  12. Punk_M0nitor

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Digital and Traditional Commissions Open (Cat Neuter Funds)

    Hello! My girlfriend and I are in a tight spot financially and need to raise money to get our kitten neutered, hopefully by the end of this month. A couple of hundred dollars should suffice. In order to raise the funds we need, I've opened commissions again! I will draw anthros, ferals, taurs...
  13. Willow the Wolf

    What can you draw on the original MS Paint?

    So, spontaneously, I decided to see whether the original version of MS Paint was online. And it is!! Here it is: https://jspaint.app/#local:e0839cbf7457 This took me about three hours, I'd say. I wanted to see what I could create, and since I'm obsessed with badges, I made myself one! I did...
  14. Koli

    (Commission) Selling: KOLI COMMISSIONS [10$-40$] OPEN

    Hi! I’m Koli and I’m offering few types of comissions for now, if you're interested in something else, let me know and we'll discuss your idea :) I take 3 slots to work on at once, once they're filled, I can put you in a queue and contact you once one of them is free. Slots are given on a first...
  15. Kerosinner

    Desperately need feedback or advice about my 3d models

    Since once I spend my free time drawing furry models in Blender and it bothers me. I`m extremely embarrassed to show this stuff to anybody as it is NSFW and quite low on quality. But without a propper feedback I feel that I make no progress and other artists` models have just unreachable level...
  16. cinsyrly

    (Commission) Selling: PWYW and Set price comms!

    Hi hello! :D I’m cinsyrly and this is my art: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/cinsyrly/ From today until my birthday, October 8th, I am offering “pay what you want” commissions! For $5+, I will draw your character in colour. I will choose the colouring style myself (no shading; simple...
  17. mutty_blue

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Badge Commissions Open! W/ free shipping c:

    Take a look at the original post here -> https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43624523/ Custom digital art badge cоmmissiоns are now open! Price starts at $50 for flats; $65 for cel shading c: shipping is free and available internationally! Each badge is printed on cardstock, laminated, and...
  18. 5thSun

    (Commission) Selling: 5thSun COMMISSIONS | 40€ - 150€+ | SFW | Painterly - Fully Rendered - Illustration [OPEN]

    Hello there!! I have opened my commissions and I have a few slots avaiable for grabs! I mainly do illustrations and character portraits/fullbodies with a painterly finish, but I have a variety of other things I can do ~ I sold all my emoji/sticker slots for this round, so you'll have to wait...
  19. Snipsy

    Finally making a page for Furry specific art

    Ive been doing art for as long as I can remember and always admired pretty furry art and fursuit designs but never really made the plunge to start drawing them myself :) Apart from my Feralheart days I haven't had much interaction with the community yet, so please say hi! I'll be doing more...
  20. AstroRey

    Free Art: ADHD art! SFW and NSFW

    Hello! My name is Astro and Im here with good news :) I'm offering free art of your favorite characters! I can draw: - Feral. - Humans. - Anthro. - Plants/ inanimate objects. - Im not as good with mecha, but Im ready to try! Here is the catch. I have ADHD so I cannot draw in the same style for...