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digital art

  1. MercifulHope

    Free Art: Taking Free Requests! (sfw and light nsfw)

    I've practiced with humans and ferals, but only have a bit of practice drawing anthros and that's just not right! So for the practice (and to break out of my comfort zone) I'm looking for some characters to play around with! Comment with character reference (s) and if you have something...
  2. mister_digby

    (Commission) Selling: Quality Art for Discerning Tastes! - $10 - $600

    All Manner of Art by Digby I'm opening myself up to do commissions for various types of art! I charge $25/hr. Price ranges are estimates taking into account variations such as sketches/line art/flat colour/painting/etc. as well as details such as backgrounds, accessories, companions, etc...
  3. teacozy1

    Free Art: Chibi freebies~! (Closed)

    I'm bored so gimmie those cuties so I can make them chibis. One thing I'm gonna say is I just kinda pick whoever I wish. Sorry if I don't pick you. Examples: (sorry most of my chibi examples are pixel)
  4. kyriamask

    Sketchbook: mixed gallery

    A pleasure to meet you, dear ones, I am new to this world of the forum, for which I bring some of my art to show. They are mostly personal works and commissions delivered. if you have doubts or want advice do not hesitate to write
  5. Yessys

    (Commission) Selling: 4 OPEN slots FERAL commissions 62-70$ with full background

    EXAMPLES ____Terms of service ____ • The work on the commission will take 2-3 weeks. • I will show you a sketch. If you like everything, you have to pay 10% of the total amount and I will continue working. • When the work is done, I will send you a drawing in small size in Notes(or...
  6. CanadianKitten

    (Commission) Selling: YCH's open! ($10+)

    I have 3 YCH's open! Two are auctions and one is a base price with add-ons. Heavily discounted from my regular prices. No bids on the auctions yet and no slots taken on the base price one! Auction 1 I have labelled as Relaxing YCH and it is any gender, any species, any body type, except humans...
  7. gremthebat

    My Final Fantasy Miqo'te Girl <3

    For NSFW version: www.furaffinity.net: My Cute NSFW Miqo'te by gremthebat
  8. P

    Sketchbook: Art by Puddinsticks

    **Edit; Please don't ask me to draw you 'freebies', and please don't try to befriend me just for free art. If I'm going to draw gifts, I'd like it to be when inspired by a design or for people I'm on friendly terms with. Thank you for understanding and respecting my feelings. I also am not...
  9. teacozy1

    Free Art: Silly doodles (closed)

    Gonna do this style right here since I wanna do something silly and not very detailed today. Picking whatever characters I fancy. So its not really first come first served.
  10. A

    Commissions open, starting at $5

    I am offering: Headshots: Sketch: 5 Lineart: 8 Flat color: 10 Full color: 15 Waist up: Sketch: 15 Lineart: 18 Flat color: 20 Full color: 25 Full body: Sketch: 20 Lineart: 23 Flat color: 25 Full color: 30 Complexity may increase the prices slightly while simplicity decreases...
  11. Bxb777

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions open again! 5-20$ full bodies and Telegram stickers!

    Hello everyone! After a long break from doing commissions, I'm finally open again!♡♡♡ I'm currently open to do regular art pieces and telegram stickers! Here are my prices and prices sheet. Also, I can do anything except extreme fetish and nsfw! For a regular art piece I can $15 flat full $20...
  12. starlight.unicorn

    (Commission) Selling: ✿ Gigi's Shop - Fullbody & Bust Digital Art ($30 - $90) ✿

    ✿ Gigi's Shop ✿ ✿ Anthros ✿ Humans ✿ Animals ✿ Busts ✿ Fullbody ✿ Ref Sheets ✿ Chibis ✿ **Contact Email: gabriellegarzaart@gmail.com** An invoice will be sent after an agreement has been made. If you'd like to commission me, please email/PM or note me with the form below filled out. ✿...
  13. BagheeraLeopard

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Art Commissions (open) €5-30

    ☆★☆ COMMISSION PRICE-LIST ☆★☆ ╭───────╯• ✧ •╰───────╮ ★Flatcolor★ Headshot - €10 Halfbody - €15 Fullbody - €20 ★Fullart★ Headshot - €15 Halfbody - €20 Fullbody - €30 ╰───────╮• ✧ •╭───────╯ ★Extra★ ╭─────────╯• ✧ •╰─────────╮ Individually for each character ✧ Wings ✧ S - €3 M - €6 L - €10 ✧...
  14. teacozy1

    Free Art: Free icons. Still and animated ones. (Closed)

    Hey there guys~! Back onto the forms cuz I'm bored plus I fancy doing some icons. So I'll offer up some of the examples bellow for you guys. Just be picking some at random so sorry if you don't get picked. Please remember when asking for one say what kind you want. Each one will be numbered so...
  15. bunniary

    (Commission) Selling: Headshots [$15-35]

    Rules: Payment must be sent through Paypal A reference of your character is required (either a picture reference or a detailed description) I will send you a heavily watermarked piece to make sure it looks how you want it to. If you want me to make any changes, tell me what you would like me to...
  16. Flauschwurm

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Mint Flavored Canine Adopt (at least 15€)

    This lil fella is up for adopt! Price is flexible but I want at least 15€ to cover the time invested in drawing them. They are genderless and a non-defined canine species, so they can be anything you like. Buyer receives high quality artwork without watermark and transparent background. Paypal...
  17. TheBlackRuby

    Hello to Everyone ^w^

    Hi! I'm Black Ruby.:D I'm on Furafinity from a pair of weeks, but I've just seen now the possibility to present myself here. I'm a digital artist, and I'm not gonna lie: I saw on Furafinity the possibility to promote myself doing the things I love. I'm writing a comic and I hope you'll like it...
  18. Itsybigsy

    (Commission) Selling: Bigsy's art shop | digital paintings, sketches, and more! $5-50+ (open)

    I've been feeling the need lately to get some work done, so I figured I'd make a post! I will close the shop at around three orders for now -(open) -(open) -(open) I'm open to drawing pretty much anything, some things are merely outside my experience and may not be as polished looking. The...
  19. caph

    (Commission) Selling: DIGITAL ART/WRITING ($5-$35)

    Hey, I'm Caph and I draw and write! While I'm very negotiable with my prices, The prices listed here may not be your final cost depending on how much time and effort I'll be putting into your commission. Check my blog for examples of my writing. WRITING ESTIMATED PRICES Poem...
  20. asthmacat

    Achoo! ...Art

    gonna start posting some of my art here as well if i remember to! i'm working on trying to expand my poses and expressions at the moment. if you'd like to give me a watch, please do so on my FA! i mainly upload NSFW artwork so let's start off with a rare SFW! this character is unnamed yet and...